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Docker Desktop and Mirantis Lens integration saves time for developers

Adrian Ionel - June 02, 2022
Docker and Lens

Containers and Kubernetes foster innovation but can be hard for developers. The integration of Mirantis Lens Kubernetes with Docker Desktop makes it much easier for developers to build and run cloud native applications.

Spinning up and connecting to Kubernetes clusters should never be a hurdle for developers. As a member of the new Docker Extensions partner program, Mirantis has created a Lens extension for Docker Desktop that makes accessing Kubernetes clusters directly from the familiar Docker Desktop UI effortless for developers. Most developers just want a simple Kubernetes cluster, and Mirantis Lens Kubernetes delivers lightweight environments perfect for development workloads, based on the open source k0s distribution sponsored by Mirantis.

Developers should never have to struggle with navigating or monitoring their Kubernetes environments, either. The Mirantis Lens Desktop Application provides full situational awareness for Kubernetes clusters, wherever they’re deployed. The new Mirantis Lens integration for Docker Desktop enables developers to easily connect from Docker Desktop to Mirantis Lens Desktop to get an overview of all their Kubernetes workloads and clusters at a glance.

Mirantis and Docker have been strategic partners for the last three years, working together to provide enterprise tools for Kubernetes application developers. The new Mirantis Lens extension for Docker Desktop builds upon our growing relationship. We continue to offer enterprises Mirantis Container Runtime, a secure, commercial container runtime based on Docker Community Engine. Mirantis is also part of the Docker Verified Publisher program, enabling customers to use secure container images from Mirantis as a trusted starting point for building applications. Additionally, we collaborate on the v2 specification for Notary, a platform that ensures software provenance through cryptographic signatures.

Mirantis and Docker are committed to accelerating application design and delivery. We want to streamline developer workflows and remove barriers to productivity that inhibit innovation. Our goal is to provide the best experience for cloud native developers, so they can build great applications that positively impact people and communities around the world.

Adrian Ionel

Adrian Ionel is CEO of Mirantis.

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