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Feedback in Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.4.0


Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.4.0 lets users send us feedback. Please leverage this to let us know what works, what doesn't, and how to support you better

Collecting general feedback directly within Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is one more way
we're empowering customers to help us understand how they use our products. The information
is sent to the Mirantis product team to track user satisfaction and potential improvements
and will inform our decisions in future versions!

How to send feedback

The primary way to access the feedback dialog is by clicking the "Give Feedback" button
in the left-side navigation at the bottom.

Press "Give Feedback" to quickly share feedback about Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

Another way is by downloading a Support Dump. At the Success prompt, you can click on a button to open the detailed feedback dialog.

Generating a support dump now lets you add feedback.

For basic feedback you can provide a rating from 1 to 5. We will use this data to get a pulse
on the products and versions you like best. For more detailed feedback, please select
"create a ticket" from the Feedback Dialog. This more detailed form allows you to upload files,
such as support dumps or images.

All feedback will be consolidated and reviewed by our product and engineering teams. Please
help us to make Mirantis Kubernetes Engine better for everyone by suggesting an improvement,
identifying a bug or just sharing your general thoughts on the product.

More ways to send feedback

Send support dumps using the CLI - In addition to making it easy to share your support dumps in the app, we have also added a new option to
effortlessly send support dumps via CLI.

When generating support dumps from the CLI, you can send them straight to Mirantis by adding the new --submit flag to the command. For example

docker container run —rm \
—name mke \
—log-driver none \
—volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
mirantis/ucp \
support —submit > docker-support.tgz

This will generate a local support dump archive and send it straight to Mirantis over an available internet connection — also providing some basic cluster information like MKE version, Mirantis Container Runtime/Docker Engine version, OS/Architecture, and cluster size.

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