It’s not a summit without a party: OpenStack Underground

One of the things we enjoy the most about the semi-annual OpenStack summit is the chance for people throughout the ecosystem to get together and really kick back together like the extended family that we are.  For those of you who couldn’t make it to OpenStack Underground (or were there but would like a refresher) here are some of the highlights.  You can see the entire photostream here.

mirantis-007mirantis-115mirantis-011mirantis-013mirantis-027mirantis-039mirantis-047mirantis-078mirantis-087mirantis-098mirantis-128mirantis-134mirantis-137mirantis-151mirantis-157mirantis-162mirantis-173mirantis-175mirantis-170mirantis-174mirantis-196mirantis-201mirantis-236mirantis-220mirantis-234mirantis-205mirantis-249mirantis-250mirantis-254 mirantis-247mirantis-243

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