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Journey into Cloud Native Learning with a New Education Track from Mirantis

Bill Mills - June 11, 2020

Over the next few months, Mirantis Training will be launching a new Cloud Native Computing (CN) track. These courses utilize a new, pattern-driven methodology, and cover containerization with Kubernetes, Docker Enterprise, and adjacent technologies. This track represents the best of the Kube and Docker courses developed and delivered for years by the Mirantis and Docker training teams, combined into one curriculum offering for enterprise customers and individual IT professionals seeking to master developing, operating and securing applications built for the cloud.

One common thread shared by the new and the soon-to-be-released courses is that all this new content being generated by the Mirantis training team is pattern-driven learning: in each course, we explore a collection of concrete tools in extensive hands-on labs, but we also dig into the higher-level patterns these tools enable, such as the powerful Kubernetes operators pattern, GitOps management flows, developer-driven operations and fully containerized continuous integration, to name only a few.

Cloud Native Education Track

The first release for this track was CN320: Advanced Kubernetes Operations, which came out at the end of April and focused on helping operations staff build on the Kubernetes knowledge they gained from legacy courses (such as Accelerated Kubernetes & Docker Bootcamp (KD250) and Docker Kubernetes Service) to explore some of the tools and patterns needed to run a Kube cluster in production. CN320 was joined last week by three more courses: 

  • CN210: Docker Enterprise Operations
  • CN310: Advanced Docker Enterprise Troubleshooting
  • CN230: Kubernetes Native Application Development 

CN210 and CN310 are the popular and heavily battle-tested Docker for Enterprise Operations and Docker Troubleshooting and Support courses from Docker, respectively, now updated for the recently released Docker Enterprise 3.1.

CN230 is a brand new developer-focused offering that reimagines Docker’s old Enterprise Developers course for a vendor-agnostic, Kubernetes-first audience of developers and DevOps professionals.

Joining these courses will be the very-soon-to-be-released CN220: Kubernetes Operations.

Besides direct private training delivery by Mirantis, all courses in Mirantis’ CN track leverage the global network of Mirantis’ Authorized Training Partners for public class delivery, available in various locations and time zones. 

We hope these new offerings will provide a robust toolkit for both operators seeking to maintain and scale Kubernetes applications in production and developers seeking to build truly cloud- and Kubernetes-native applications. We also hope they’ll set the tone for the entire Cloud Native Computing track as it emerges and evolves over the coming months. Stay tuned for the introductory-level CN courses to complete the full learning journey in this space, anticipated this summer.

Bill Mills

Bill is Head of Curriculum Development at Mirantis.

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