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k0s 1.24 Released with Autopilot for Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle Management

Miska Kaipiainen - July 14, 2022

We are proud to announce  k0s — the zero friction Kubernetes — version 1.24 is now released! The highlight of this release is the autopilot for k0s cluster lifecycle management. In addition, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and fixes. Learn more about the new features and enhancements below or see the full  change log.  Get started today!

Introduction to k0s autopilot

The brand new k0s autopilot feature removes complexity from cluster lifecycle management. It provides a mechanism for clusters to perform self-upgrade according to predefined plans. This is incredibly useful for numerous IoT and Edge use cases where you might have to upgrade hundreds or even thousands of clusters in a controlled way.

The upgrade process is performed by k0s autopilot operator that runs on control nodes. This will orchestrate the entire cluster level upgrade. A special custom resource definition (CRD) is used to describe the desired state of the cluster. Based on the desired state, the roll-out plan is built and used for the cluster update. k0s autopilot features safeguards such as checksum verification and cluster-wide health-checks to ensure control plane and the worker nodes are safely updated for the desired versions. Learn more about k0s autopilot   here.

NOTE:  This is the initial release of k0s autopilot and we’ll add more functionality over the coming months. There is no generic upgrade server available at the time of the release, but we are working to make it available in the near future. In the meantime, you can already test k0s autopilot in manual mode. It’ll make upgrading clusters a breeze!

Updated upstream components

Like with most releases, we keep on updating the upstream components. The most important update in this release is the Kubernetes version update to 1.24. See below the full list of updated components:

  • Updated Kubernetes to 1.24.2

  • Updated kine to 0.9.2

  • Proper version reporting for the embedded containerd CLI tooling

Community updates

New blog posts and other pieces of content published by our community:

As a gentle reminder: if you are not yet  following us on Twitter, please do it now! Also, please  join the k0s Slack channel (a part of the  Lens community) to hear the latest news and discussions, and provide your feedback.

About k0s

k0s is zero friction Kubernetes distribution. It provides a unique mix of simplicity, security, and modularity. k0s is 100% open source and free of charge, for any purpose. The k0s open source project is backed by a number of Kubernetes, Docker and Linux ecosystem pioneers. It combines experience with all the best innovations and ideas in the ecosystem to create a pure Kubernetes distribution that is slim, modern & fresh while maximizing developer happiness.

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