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K0s as a Lightweight Kubernetes Distro Designed to Mitigate IoT Security Challenges

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere. Whether at home, in a grocery store, or at work, IoT devices are all around us -- but IoT isn’t a single market, and it doesn’t permit one-size-fits-all solutions. 
Instead, technology providers leverage a dizzying portfolio of technologies to support distinct, vertical-specific business outcomes for customers. Organizations and businesses need to find a way to implement a hybrid IoT edge and cloud business strategy by building a technology architecture that enables support for the customer’s edge requirements versus the generic cloud requirements we've been dealing with up to now.

Complex requirements in an IoT world

Organizations need to be able to store, manage and process data very quickly to ensure the quality of information continues to improve, but storing, managing and processing data comes with cumbersome IoT security challenges around privacy issues. In order to tackle some of these challenges, organizations need to implement a container technology that simply works at scale while keeping data secure.
IoT moves from cloud to edge for speed, cost, scalability, and security. Still, managing tens to hundreds of points of presence at the edge can be a cumbersome process. IoT devices need to be able to scale and allocate resources efficiently. The solution: manage the nodes on a lightweight Kubernetes distro, like k0s. 

k0s features mitigate IoT security challenges

K0s is a lightweight, highly secure production-grade Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) certified Kubernetes distro, making it the perfect fit for IoT and Edge use cases. 
Businesses need to feel confident that they select a container technology that meets both technical and industry standard security requirements. By default, k0s has all the technical requirements needed to meet IoT industry standards and mitigate IoT security challenges at the container orchestration level. 
K0s creates a strict isolation between the control plane and workload, which means it has true control plane isolation, securing the network by configuring different firewall rules for controller and workload nodes. This separation allows k0s clusters to operate and be managed normally, even if the worker nodes are located in a private network. In addition, IoT devices need to be able to communicate with machines or applications without sacrificing data or privacy. By default, k0s comes with TLS encryption, which ensures the data is secure and private. That being said, k0s can be compiled and packaged as 100% FIPS 140-2 compliant, making it a perfect container solution that addresses key IoT security challenges.
These features come in a lightweight package, perfect for IoT devices. With a minimum RAM requirement of only 1 GB, k0s consumes, on average, 75% fewer resources than a typical Kubernetes distro. That being said, K0s was designed to scale. Users can start with a tiny cluster and grow easily as they adopt more and more cloud-native technologies and application stacks. 

k0s is an open source IoT Platform

k0s is a zero friction Kubernetes distribution, providing a unique mix of simplicity, security, and modularity. Entirely open source and free of charge for any purpose, the k0s project is backed by a number of Kubernetes, Docker, and Linux ecosystem pioneers. 
Whether developers and organizations are building IoT services for the home, the grocery store, work, or somewhere else entirely, k0s can help meet unique customer requirements with a pure Kubernetes distribution that is slim, modern, and fresh while maximizing developer happiness. 
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Edward Ionel

Edward is the Lead Growth for OSS Technologies &amp; Developer Relations based near San Jose, CA. He has been with Mirantis for over 3 years and is an expert in bringing open source software technologies to the enterprise market.

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