Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. These include Docker Enterprise Container Cloud (now Mirantis Container Cloud), Docker Enterprise/UCP (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine), Docker Engine - Enterprise (now Mirantis Container Runtime), and Docker Trusted Registry (now Mirantis Secure Registry).

Make your container images safer and more reliable with Harbor, the cloud native registry

Container registries such as DockerHub have made container application development much easier, but they have introduced another problem: how do you know downloaded images are production-ready and secure? To solve this problem, private registries such as Harbor enable your developers to get the benefits of pre-defined images while enabling you to designate what images can be used.

In this video, Mirantis Senior Deployment Engineer Petr Ruzicka provides an introduction to what these registries are and how they work and demonstrates Harbor so you can have a real feel for the technology. Watch to learn about:

  • What a container registry is and how to use them to control code deployment
  • Ways in which registries impact the development cycle
  • How to use Access Control in the Harbor container registry
  • Replication and scaling of container registries
  • Increasing application safety using vulnerability scanning and image signing
  • Using Helm charts in Harbor
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