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Mirantis acquires, the ZeroOps Application Delivery Hub for K8s, Built by Developers for Developers

Adrian Ionel, CEO, Mirantis - July 26, 2022

Today is a special day for everyone at Mirantis; and for our customers and partners., is the only application delivery hub built by developers for developers to free them from cloud deployment, migrations, and operations work so they can do what they do best: code!

All of us at Mirantis welcome the team, customers and partners! and their Lagoon platform are the easiest way for developers to take advantage of the latest cloud services without having to be cloud or Kubernetes experts. No other technology makes it so easy and quick to ship and run containerized applications. was founded in 2017 to ease the life of developers. The global team empowered their customers and users to focus on creating extraordinary digital experiences by removing the complexities of the underlying infrastructure and operations layer. Along the way, the team built Lagoon, a robust, highly scalable platform for web applications that is trusted by developers and organizations around the world.

What does this mean for users and customers?

Together we will accelerate the product roadmap and invest even more in the partner community. Customers can expect support for all major web technologies and frameworks, giving them the full freedom of choice without any infrastructure and operations hassle. We will invest in a seamless self-service experience and ease of use of our platform, including UI enhancements and enriched dashboards.

All this can further accelerate the adoption of Lagoon within the growing Kubernetes ecosystem and community.

Secondly, Mirantis will make’s open source platform Lagoon available to our existing customers. Lagoon is an application delivery platform, available on GitHub under Apache License 2.0. It automates the deployment, management, security, and operation of modern applications. Lagoon greatly reduces the requirement for developers to bring along cloud-native experience or knowledge.

In today's world of developer demand and talent scarcity, we will continue our “As-a-Service” journey. With only 45 million developers predicted to serve our global economy by 2030, the “War for Talent“ will intensify. Successful organizations will anticipate this and create environments that provide their developers with the space, time and tools to do what they love and create great work.

Mirantis and are creating developer-centric environments and services, designed to help teams make the most of their talent.  Together, we will unite to create a truly ZeroOps developer-centric software delivery hub for modern applications — ZeroOps, open source, and “As-a-service,” enabling enterprises to focus and innovate on their core business.

We are ready to accelerate our journey together with — a true pioneer in application delivery. This is an exciting milestone with the best yet to come.

Join us for a webinar on July 28th to learn about’s developer-centric platform and how it minimizes the hassle of operations.

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