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Mirantis Container Cloud 2.12 Release

Sergey Goncharov - October 06, 2021

Today we welcome the newly released version 2.12 of Mirantis Container Cloud. In this release, our focus was to improve integration and interoperation with other technologies. We are excited to announce full support of Mirantis Container Cloud on top of Mirantis OpenStack with OvS technology, along with significant improvements to metrics and alerting.

Interoperation and integration are vital to the flexible multi-cloud functionality of Mirantis Container Cloud, and we vertically integrate it with other Mirantis products to bring a richer User Experience to our customers. Having that in mind, our ultimate goal is to create a frictionless, seamless and consistent experience for you while using any product within our portfolio, whether you’re using multiple Mirantis products together or one by itself.

Below, we will introduce newly added features for the released version:

Mirantis Container Cloud on Mirantis OpenStack with OvS

A key focus at Mirantis is to ensure extended flexibility and stability of deployments with Mirantis Container Cloud. In this release, we have made a number of enhancements to ensure interoperability and improve the User Experience for current or prospective Mirantis OpenStack customers. Areas of specific focus include advanced networking solutions, including Open vSwitch as well as the introduction of software RAID support for Bare Metal deployments.

Mirantis Product Integration

Vertical integration within the Mirantis portfolio is a long-standing roadmap priority for Mirantis Container Cloud. With this 2.12 release we are adding several enhancements for the interoperation of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Mirantis OpenStack. We are also adding support for Mirantis Container Runtime v. 20.10.6.


At Mirantis, we make security a top priority of our development and release process. In this release we have added focus on penetration testing of Mirantis Container Cloud for NCC testing - with enhancements made to ensure the isolation of permissions, improved endpoint security (TLS), improved password rotation and more.

Metrics and Alerts

In a continuous delivery environment, it is absolutely necessary to have a good understanding of metering and logging, and Mirantis Container Cloud 2.12 brings multiple improvements to the built-in StackLight logging, monitoring and alerting toolchain. Users are now able to use a proper naming convention for their Metrics collection as well as set up comprehensive log-based metrics and alerting based on those metrics.

As always, please refer to the release notes for more details.

Your feedback is always welcome. Feel free to reach out to us at:

Sergey Goncharov

Sergey Goncharov is a Product Manager at Mirantis, based in Prague.

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