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Mirantis Container Cloud 2.23 simplifies Day 2 operations and improves OpenStack experience

Eric Gregory - March 21, 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Mirantis Container Cloud 2.23 is now Generally Available. This release makes it easier than ever to update clusters through the simple web interface, as well as simplifying Day 2 operations and adding several StackLight features, including log forwarding, so that third-party apps can make use of them.

Version 2.23 is also notable for improvements stemming from close collaboration with customers using Mirantis Container Cloud with Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes. Now the features driven by this work are available to benefit everyone.

Simplified updates and Day 2 ops

While initial deployment often seems to get all of the attention, Day 2 operations should also be as simple and legible as possible—and the same goes for upgrades down the line. That’s why we’ve implemented readiness fields for Machine and Cluster objects, as well as graceful cluster reboots. MCC 2.23 also upgrades Ceph from Octopus 15.2.17 to Pacific 16.2.11, which means users get all the latest patches and security updates. 

When it comes time to update a cluster, you can use the new Upgrade button to do it straight from the web interface without having to dive into risky command line operations.

Enhancements for use with OpenStack

We’re proud to say that we’ve implemented some exciting features for Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes users as a result of close collaboration with customers. What's more, we’ve released some of these enhancements with less than three months from ideation to General Availability.

The first of these features is a policy for Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes anti-affinity—in short, if you’re using the OpenStack provider as a substrate for your Kubernetes cluster, you can ensure that manager and worker nodes aren’t running on VMs with the same underlying host, making for more resilient architecture. 

Version 2.23 also adds deletion of persistent volumes during an OpenStack-based cluster deletion, contributing to a smoother and more flexible experience for OpenStack provider users. 

StackLight enhancements

StackLight—our proactive monitoring, logging, and alerting solution for large-scale cloud and container observability—has also seen some notable enhancements.

New features include a High Availability setup for iam-proxy in StackLight, and log forwarding to third-party systems using Fluentd plugins. We’ve also added an MCC Applications Performance Grafana dashboard and the ability to distinguish between different storage PVCs for different parts of StackLight—making operations and troubleshooting much easier, since now you’ll know exactly where logging, monitoring, and aggregation data is stored.

Interested in seeing more? See the release notes for more information on MCC 2.23. You can also learn more about Mirantis Container Cloud here.

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