Mirantis is Hiring: Jobs in OpenStack Cloud

With the biggest holiday of the year behind us, it’s time to look past the post-prandial carbohydrate bloat and what to do with all those holiday leftovers. Now, think about what you’re going to make 2013 even more fun at work than you had in 2012. A good place to start: apply for a job at Mirantis.

Why? If you’re an ambitious software engineer or systems architect and thrive on getting tough problems solved with a smart, motivated team, you want to work here. We want you to work here too. And if you can’t stand the thought of leaving your current workplace, we’re sure you know someone who could use a new reason to leap out of bed on Monday mornings. So look at these, and hit the links and/or the sharing buttons at the bottom.

OpenStack Implementation Architect

Got a passion for open source and virtualization, making infrastructure technologies perform, pushing the envelope of scalability, and a track record of doing new things? Drop us a line. We need creative, disciplined software engineers unintimidated by pairing big picturing thinking with obsessive attention to detail – and driven by collaborative problem-solving with thoroughness and determination.

OpenStack DevOps Engineer

We need an experienced DevOps engineer to help our customers deploy and manage OpenStack-based clouds. You will be working with cutting-edge solutions in the domain of building software-driven datacenters, and helping customers adopt seamless, fully automated data-center operations driven by OpenStack, the world’s leading open source cloud. Read more … 

OpenStack Engineer / Community Ambassador

As collaboration with the community is vital to our goals, we are looking for someone to fully immerse themselves in it. Our projects directly contribute to this future: deployment and CI/CD automation, H/A, integration with specialized networking and storage technologies, HPC on bare metal and more. You will have the opportunity to influence the direction in which cloud “state of the art” is moving.

OpenStack Operations Support Engineer

We are looking for Support Engineers to backstop the next generation OpenStack Data Center clouds we build If you’ve got a passion for outrageous customer support, new technologies, open source and virtualization, making infrastructure technologies perform, pushing the envelope of scalability, and a track record of doing new things, drop us a line.

We’ve made the list; check it twice against your Linked-in profile. Make sure you’ve got what you need to shine, and send it on in to cv [at] mirantis.com.


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  1. January 14, 2013  


    I would like to discuss builting team work between OpenStack Cloud and SRII (www.thesrii.org) where we have a major focus on Cloud Services

    Look forward to discussing the details


    Kris Singh
    SRII President & Chairman

    • January 17, 2013  

      Kris, dropped you a note by email; look forward to hearing back.

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