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Mirantis Newsletter for August 2021


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Press Release

Industry News

Product Updates

  • Mirantis Container Cloud 2.10 Release - This release enables you to create or upgrade clusters to the latest versions of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Mirantis Container Runtime. There's also a guided tour for new users and a preview of CentOS 7.9 on VMware.

Open Source Projects

  • Lens 5.1.3 Release - This release upgraded to Tailwind CSS 2.2.4 and enabled its Just-in-Time mode to reduce bundle size. Many maintenance updates and fixes were also added.
  • k0s Patch Release 1.21.3+k0s.0 - Updates include containerd 1.4.8 (CVE fix), Kubernetes 1.21.3, RunC 1.0.1, kine 0.6.3, konnectivity 0.0.22 and bug fixes.


  • Kubernetes cheat sheet - Often you know what you want to do, you just can't remember the vocabulary or syntax for how to do it. This cheat sheet is designed to help solve that problem.



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