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Mirantis Secure Registry 2.9-3.0.X Migration Tool Released

John Jainschigg - October 05, 2022

Database schema updates give MSR 3.0.X greater performance and scalability - users of MSR 2.9 now have an easy means to migrate images to the updated registry

Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) serves some of the biggest, fastest-moving, and most mission-critical development workflows in the world. We’ve written recently about MSR built-in CVE scanning – an important feature that simplifies and accelerates secure container software development. 

Work at large scales for demanding customers demands continuous improvements to MSR. Version 3.0 introduced changes to the database schema, enabling improved performance and stability, and extending compatibility with the Open Containers Initiative standards (see for more). These database schema changes are significant enough to have prevented users of MSR 2.9 from immediately migrating images to 3.0.X versions of the platform.

No longer. Now, that upgrade path is open, thanks to a new tool just released (called MMT for Mirantis Migration Tool). To use MMT, MSR 2.X users will need to upgrade existing MSR registries to version 2.9, and create MSR 3.0.X instances as needed. Thereafter, MMT can automatically migrate images from your 2.9 instance to your 3.0.X instances.

Note that the migration process with MMT will take your MSR 2.9 instances offline and unable to service requests while migration is taking place. To minimize impact, Mirantis has added a duration-of-migration estimator to help plan maintenance windows. The estimator’s accuracy is being continually improved: successive releases of MSR will provide even more accurate estimates of how long migrations will take.

So, try MSR 3.0.X – the most secure, most scalable enterprise container registry. MSR is easy to install on Kubernetes (MKE or Kubernetes 1.20+), and can be deployed as a stand-alone Kubernetes workload on Linux, using a simple script. Existing MSR customers who want to access the Mirantis Migration Tool can do so via their account at

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