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Mirantis will continue to support and develop Docker Swarm

Rick. Pugh - February 24, 2020
Here at Mirantis, we're excited to announce our continued support for Docker Swarm, while also investing in new features requested by customers.

Following our acquisition of Docker Enterprise in November 2019, we affirmed at least two years of continued Swarm support, pending discussions with customers. These conversations have led us to the conclusion that our customers want continued support of Swarm without an implied end date.

Mirantis’ goal is to simplify container usage at enterprise scale with freedom of choice for orchestrators. Swarm has a proven track record of running mission critical container workloads in demanding production environments, and our customers can rest assured that Mirantis will continue to support their Swarm investments.

To that end, Mirantis will be continuing to invest in active Swarm development. Recently Mirantis developed Swarm Jobs, a new service mode enabling run-and-done workloads on a Swarm cluster.

In addition, Mirantis is very excited to announce a commitment to the development of Cluster Volume Support with CSI Plugins. Originally discussed at DockerCon 2019, this development proposal received very positive feedback from the community. By leveraging the Container Storage Interface plugin architecture, Swarm will be able to use the growing CSI ecosystem to handle distributed persistent volumes, supporting a wider range of backend storage options and more flexible and intelligent scheduling.

Swarm Jobs and Swarm Volume Support are part of our 2020 Roadmap with dates announced at KubeCon EU.

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