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Murano V0.3 Lets You Deploy Linux Applications

Sergey Melikyan - December 03, 2013

Murano provides streamlined provisioning and deployment automation via the native OpenStack API and GUI, tailored specifically to the requirements of complex, distributed Windows environments. The just released Murano V0.3 adds several features and improvements, of which the ability to deploy Linux applications is a major and highly anticipated feature. Murano had been capable of deploying applications on any operating system, but now we have also added full-featured support for Linux.

This version also adds direct support for OpenStack Quantum (Murano supports Grizzly), and the ability to mark images uploaded to Glance with Murano-specific metadata, which had previously been done via CLI. Please check out the slideshow below introducing the features. Also look out for a screencast that will go over all of the features in detail and present a demo on deploying Linux applications.

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