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OpenStack-based apps: The technology is easy, it's the culture that's hard

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At the OpenStack summit last month in Austin, Mirantis' Craig Peters and the OpenStack Foundation's David Flanders got together to discuss application development on OpenStack with Superuser.TV.
They talked about:
  • The importance of the developer experience
  • Use cases for OpenStack: what can you actually DO with it?
  • Bridging mobile and traditional applications
  • Enterprise applications and how to take advantage of existing transactional systems
  • How a tiger team can "infect" the rest of the organization with the knowledge of how the cloud brings value
  • The convergence of clouds and containers
  • Why users need an application catalog to find resources at the right level -- and how it shows patterns of use
  • The fact that security still matters and why Craig thinks some apps will be in VMs for the rest of our lives
  • What NOT to do with your cloud infrastructure
  • Making developers support their code in production, and why that's a Good Thing
  • What CIOs should be thinking about when it comes to application development on OpenStack
  • And of course, Skynet.
Watch the whole video here:

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