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OpenStack Icehouse is here: what do you want to know?

After 6 months of intensive development, OpenStack Icehouse was released today.  With an increased focus on users, manageability and scalability, it's meant to be more "enterprise friendly" than previous releases.  Here are some of the quick facts from the OpenStack Foundation:

Looking for a more technical view of what's new? Don't forget to register for What's New In OpenStack Icehouse, the webinar to be held Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10am PDT.

  • Icehouse was worked on by 1202 contributors, up 32% from the Havana cycle
  • It includes 350 new features and blueprints
  • 2902 bugs were squashed
  • The interface has been translated into 16 different languages, including more than 700,000 strings
  • 53 third-party organizations are running CI for testing, versus just 5 during Havana
  • The top 5 organizations contributing code were Red Hat, IBM, HP, Rackspace, and Mirantis
Some of the more exciting new features include:
  • Rolling upgrades: It's now possible to upgrade from Havana to Icehouse without having to rip-and-replace, and without downtime for users.
  • Federated identity: The march towards hybrid cloud continues, as improvements to Keystone make it possible to access private and public cloud with a single ID.
  • API discovery: Object storage now includes the ability to query a system to see what capabilities it has, enabling developers to make better decisions in the real world.
  • Tiered storage:  Target your block storage towards a particular capability to maximize performance while minimizing cost.
  • Instance Group API:  Spread your crucial services among several hosts so they don't compete for resources.

As we do for every release, next Thursday we'll be holding a nice, meaty webinar to give you the information you need to really understand and take advantage of the new features in Icehouse from a technical standpoint.   Do you have questions you'd like answered?  Is there something you'd like to know about this new release?  Please post them in the comments and we'll try to include them in the content.

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