OpenStack outpaces Amazon, at least by hype

A study conducted by TrendKite shows that at this point OpenStack has more media mentions than Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, CloudStack and OpenNebula combined. See chart below:


If that is not enough, here is another chart from the same study that appears to show that “OpenStack” media mentions are on par with that of “Cloud Computing.” This implies that most recent articles that talk about cloud computing almost always mention OpenStack… this one is even hard for ME to believe:



Now if this data is accurate, you tell me how Eucalyptus and CloudStack may still have a fighting chance here?

9 responses to “OpenStack outpaces Amazon, at least by hype

  1. Boris I love that your blog posts have a voice and are opinionated and passionate – that is great!

    And sometimes hype does equate to market dominance – but oftentimes it does not.

    For example, guess who had more juice according to Google Trends last year: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

    So in this case the hype did not pan out.

    I’m sure you can produce many examples that counter my argument, but just wanted to make the point that hype does not always equate to winning.

    1. Eric, thanks for the comment. Yes, I freely admit that you are right. Hype doesn’t equate to winning; but it sure helps a great deal along the way…

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