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OpenStack Technical Committee Election Results

John Jainschigg - April 25, 2014

With the release of Icehouse, OpenStack governance is also passing through its regular cycle of change. The latest is the election of new members to the Technical Committee.

As you may already know, OpenStack’s Technical Committee (TC) provides technical leadership for OpenStack as a whole. The TC has authority over which Programs are accepted or declined, decides on issues affecting multiple programs, convenes as an ultimate appeals board for technical decisions and more generally, enforces OpenStack ideals of Openness, Transparency, Commonality, Integration, Quality, etc. It operates independently of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, within the framework of the Foundation’s governance model.

The Technical Committee comprises 13 seats, which are partially renewed at six month intervals, maintaining continuity. Six seats are elected in the (Northern hemisphere) Fall, and seven seats in the Spring, with nominations held seven weeks before each biannual design summit, and elections three weeks prior (votes tallied by the Condorcet method). The term of service for a Technical Committee member is one year. Technical Committee members are nominated and elected by ATCs - Active Technical Contributors to programs (any Foundation Individual Member who committed a change to a repository under any official OpenStack program over the last two six-month release cycles is considered an ATC).

TC meetings are public -- held once a week on IRC, and the Committee maintains an open agenda on the wiki. Non-members are welcome to participate.

Congratulations to the new Technical Committee members, who terms officially end in April, 2015:.

  • Thierry Carrez, OpenStack Release Cycle Management Program Lead

  • Jay Pipes, Mirantis

  • Vishvananda Ishaya, Nebula (also serves on OpenStack Foundation Board)

  • Michael Still, RackSpace

  • Jim Blair, Hewlett-Packard

  • Mark McClain, Yahoo

  • Devananda van der Veen, Hewlett-Packard

These seven join the six incumbents elected with the Havana cycle.

Last but not least, congrats to our own Jay Pipes.

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