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OpenStack Training Update, June 2014

Lana Zhudina - June 05, 2014

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers about OpenStack, and if there's one thing they're hungrier for than technology, it's people with OpenStack skills. Whether you believe the pundits who say that the cloud marketplace expected to grow at a rate four times faster than the general IT market or you think it's just puffery, you have to admit that now's a great time to add cloud skills to your repertoire. One particularly cool thing we see is how much interest there is OpenStack outside the usual precincts. To help you spend less time on airplanes, we're adding eight new locations -- five in the United States and three in Europe -- for Mirantis training. (Check out the list below.)

Also, if you're really new to OpenStack and want to get your feet wet, we'd love for you to meet us for an OpenStack 101 presentation we're giving in Austin, TX. 

Even More OpenStack Training Locations

We know that not everyone can travel out to California for training, so we've asked you where you'd like to see us, and based on that feedback, we've chosen seven new locations:

  • Boston, MA
  • Denver, CO 
  • San Francisco, CA 
  • Seattle, WA
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Washington, DC
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Spain
You can still get early bird pricing for most of these new locations, so make sure you don't miss out on a great deal.  You can find a full list of all our classes and course descriptions here.

OpenStack 101 Presentation, OpenStack Austin Meetup

New to OpenStack? We're giving a quick, yet comprehensive, introduction with an OpenStack 101 presentation in Austin, TX on June 11th, where we'll do a walk thru of the purpose, ecosystem, and architecture of OpenStack, and we're offering a special training discount for anybody who comes to the event.  Click here for registration and event information.

OpenStack Professional Certification

At the other end of the spectrum, if you've already got your OpenStack chops and you want to show them off (or just be able to prove them to a potential employer), Mirantis now offers two new OpenStack certifications: Associate and Professional. While our Associate Certification (MCA100) is a great way to measure your overall OpenStack knowledge, the new Professional Certification (MCA200) shows you really know how to manage an OpenStack environment.

Mirantis certification path

During the MCA200 certification, students must pass a performance based hands-on exam in which they will be measured on real-world tasks and challenges, so employers know you really know your stuff.

Interested?  We'd love for you to learn more about Mirantis certification.

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