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September 2014 OpenStack Training Update: New 75% Hands-On Course, OpenStack Summit Training

Lana Zhudina - September 09, 2014

Too often, the largest barrier preventing full-scale OpenStack adoption is a company’s general lack of deployment and implementation expertise. Having first been introduced to the IT community only four years ago, OpenStack is still relatively young, which can make finding that expertise difficult.

To help with that expertise gap, we are adding an additional OpenStack training course to our lineup of training courses: OpenStack Bootcamp II (OS200). Serving as a follow up to our OpenStack Bootcamp I (OS100), this newest course is designed to help students develop a mastery of skills centered on deploying, administering, and troubleshooting an OpenStack environment. We have also added four new training locations.

New OpenStack Training for IT Administrators and Deployment Engineers

With our first class launching in San Jose at the end of September, this OpenStack Bootcamp II (OS200) course is intended to ensure that each student receives the deployment, implementation and administrative expertise necessary to handle the day-in and day-out responsibilities of working within OpenStack.

This course features an extensive training syllabus that includes a focus on installing and validating OpenStack projects such as Keystone, Heat, and Ceilometer. Students who complete this three-day bootcamp will have received comprehensive training in:

  • Manually Installing and Configuring OpenStack
  • Troubleshooting OpenStack Environments
  • Learning OpenStack Best Practices
  • Identifying Production Deployment Typology
  • Using the Command Line Interface and Dashboard

Learn more about the OS200 OpenStack bootcamp.

Two New Training Locations

Looking for OpenStack training at a place that is convenient for you? At Mirantis, we are always working to expand the reach of our OpenStack training locations. This month, we have added two new cities to our continually expanding list of training sites.

  • Montreal
  • Atlanta

Click here for a complete list of our training locations.

A Special OpenStack Summit Training

Are you planning on attending this year’s OpenStack Training Summit in Paris? Why not maximize your time by taking advantage of our special OpenStack bootcamp in Paris?

Located within convenient walking distance of the summit, this special training is being offered during the three days prior to the Paris Summit, so attending students can receive the critical training necessary to operate and deploy an OpenStack cluster before heading to the Summit itself.

Interested in attending the OpenStack training in Paris? Click here for more information.

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