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Shipa joins Mirantis to help build the future of application management

Shipa joins Mirantis

For the last several years, Mirantis has been moving further and further into the future of technology, and this week we've taken another leap in that direction with the acquisition of Shipa, which will add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform.

The reality is that technology has reached the point where it's impossible to effectively manage it via humans glued to a screen. That's why technology is moving toward increasing automation of application development, deployment, and monitoring. Where DevOps integrated developers into the operations and infrastructure side of the technology equation, it also created more problems--and developer burnout.

That's why Mirantis is focusing on ZeroOps, which combines expert services with smart automation to take that burden off developers so they can do what you need them to do: innovate for your company. And that's why we're so pleased about this acquisition of Shipa.

When we began investing heavily in the Lens Kubernetes IDE back in 2020, it was because we knew that developers, operators, and other technologists needed a way to reduce the inherent complexity of Kubernetes. Lens fills that gap by providing an easy way to look into what's happening in a Kubernetes cluster. 

It's the same reason we acquired in 2022 and integrated it into both Lens and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine; the company focuses on the open source Lagoon project, which simplifies deployment of applications on Kubernetes.  

Now Shipa provides visibility into the actual applications running on the cluster, including the networking; it also provides an easy way to create Kubernetes applications and other structures such as security policies.

We're thrilled at the possibilities that will emerge from the coming integration of Shipa with Lens, which we expect to be available in March, as well as the integration of Shipa with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. But most of all, we're excited to have the Shipa team, including founders Bruno Andrade and Vivek Pandey (yes, the same Vivek Pandey that co-founded CloudBees) join us as we bound into the future of modern application delivery.

Learn more at the Shipa website.

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