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Your Passport to OpenStack Success: Play #OSUnlocked

Jodi Smith - April 22, 2016
To celebrate five years of OpenStack releases and our community, we’ve designed stickers for each release of OpenStack—from Austin all the way through Ocata. At the OpenStack Summit in Austin, where it all began, we have plenty of stickers—and some choice swag— to give away.

The #OSUnlocked game works like this: earn points, collect swag. To start, visit the Mirantis booth (A41) to pick up a passport and your first sticker (and point). Use the passport as a guide.
For each Mirantis partner you visit, you can collect a sticker. Each partner has a unique sticker; supplies are limited. For each sticker, you’ll get a point, and you can unlock extra points via social media challenges. Redeem your points at the Mirantis booth.
Collect 6 points, earn a hat
Collect 10 points, earn a RUN MOS t-shirt (redeem on Wednesday)
Collect 16 points, and choose from:
  • An “OpenStack in Action” book
  • A high quality flask
  • AND you will be entered to win a free OpenStack certification by Mirantis Training!
Visit these booths to collect unique OpenStack release stickers:
Arista Networks (will have a technical team at the summit to speak with customers about deployment of OpenStack with its cloud networking platforms for automated provisioning and configuration of the network elements using its ML2/neutron integrations.
Supermicro® will be showcasing its portfolio of OpenStack Cloud Solutions, including live demonstrations of their Unlocked Cloud Appliance and Scalable Reference Architecture based on the Mirantis OpenStack Platform.
Cumulus Networks will be talking about #NetDevOps, which enables cloud admins, network engineers, and system administrators to speak the same language using standard DevOps tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Git. Also, using Layer 3 networking in the entire rack all the way on the host, eliminating VLANs and IP address bookkeeping in an OpenStack solution.
Quanta QCT is showcasing QCT QxStack Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Applications. Learn the architecture design of the appliance .
FusionStorm will be showing how to simplify your OpenStack deployment with an OpenStack Appliance from Dell, Juniper, Supermicro, Quanta, Arista, and others.
Juniper will show a short video, “Bring your own OpenStack with Contrail.”
NetApp and Solidfire are now one company, and they’re talking about how CI/CD workflows, containers, and enterprise applications are all accelerated with NetApp technology.
EMC’s focus is SDS/Hardware on a highly available platform, and will be showing how it enables OpenStack-based SDDC by providing Integrated Solutions for IaaS & PaaS.
Talligent will be showing its billing and capacity management solution for Openstack, and will be showing for the first time a new feature to compare AWS costs alongside Openstack private cloud cost.
During the Summit, PLUMgrid will cover production deployments, micro-segmentation, Docker container networking, group-based policy for microservices, SDN monitoring, LBaaS with F5 Networks, virtual CPE, and policy-based service insertion such as port mirroring. PLUMgrid will demonstrate its latest portfolio, Open Networking Suite 5.0 and CloudApex™, and offer free consulting engineering sessions its booth.
Big Switch Networks will be talking about next generation networking with Open SDN Fabrics. Visit Big Switch Networks to learn more about the latest in OpenStack, VMware private clouds and NFV deployments at Verizon and others.
Intel is talking about the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC). Go to for your chance to win a cool mini-rack in the Bounty for Big Ideas developer contest.
MidoNet is the leading open-source network virtualization overlay, integrated with Mirantis Fuel.  Visit the Midokura booth to see a demo of MEM Insights, its suite of operational tools for network management, including flow tracing, flow history,  usage reports, and traffic counters.
Stop by Tesora’s booth to learn more about the Tesora DBaaS Platform— its enterprise-hardened version of OpenStack Trove adds the scalability, security, and availability capabilities that enterprises and cloud service providers need. Tesora is the leading contributor to the OpenStack Trove project.
Groundwork is showing off a fully-functional copy of GroundWork Monitor installed on an industrial fanless PC created by Logic Supply. This copy of GroundWork is fully supported for one year from the date of the show, and will monitor anything, including Mirantis Open Stack deployments of up to 50 instances.
To get extra points via social media, use the hashtag #OSUnlocked on Twitter or Instagram
  • Post a photo of a Mirantis Unlocked Appliance
  • Post a selfie with someone from Mirantis Training (also tag with #OpenStackTraining)
  • Post a photo of AT&T or Volkswagen presenting
  • Post a photo of a Mirantis sticker in the wild
  • Post a photo of your passport/stickers
  • Wildcard (TBA by @MirantisIT or Mirantis Unlocked Partners on Twitter)
Keep an eye on #OSUnlocked on Twitter to see what’s happening in the game!

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