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HP gains a huge customer, loses a huge name (sort of), gains a new product
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - March 2, 2015

It's been a mixed week at HP, where disappointing financial news was followed by the revelation that cloud head Marten Mickos, hired only six months ago through the acquisition of Eucalyptus, was stepping aside. On the other hand, that news was followed by the announcement that the company had signed a ten year, multi-billion dollar deal with Deutsche Bank. And then there's Eucalyptus.

Mirantis and Google bring Kubernetes and Docker to OpenStack
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - March 2, 2015

This week Mirantis and Google announced a joint project to enable developers to install and run Kubernetes applications on OpenStack with the click of a few buttons. The project uses the OpenStack-related Application Catalog project, Murano, treating Kubernetes as just another app and taking the pain out of getting it set up and working properly.

application catalogcontainersdevelopersdockergooglekubernetesmirantisMurano
HP Cloud management reorg: is Mickos abandoning a sinking ship?
Jodi Smith, OpenStack:Now - February 26, 2015

Whether HP blamed Mickos, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Cloud, for the subpar revenue, or Marten Mickos was unhappy and chose to step aside on his own, it’s clear that not all is well in HP’s cloud business.

cloudcloud computingeucalyptusHewlett-PackardHPHP Helionopenstack
IBM Bluemix, the “one dashboard to manage all your clouds”
Jodi Smith, OpenStack:Now - February 25, 2015

As Network World puts it, “everyone’s going container crazy.” Containers are incredibly hot, thanks to Docker’s meteoric rise, but really, containers are just a cloud application building block. What’s more important is what developers do with them. Hence, cloud vendors are embracing Docker, competing to create the best method to enable container-based cloud application development. They know that developers are the new kingmakers—whoever succeeds in courting cloud developers wins.

bluemixdockerhybrid cloudibm
Integrating OpenStack and Kubernetes with Murano
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - February 24, 2015

There's a perceived competition between OpenStack and containers such as Docker, but in reality, the two technologies are a powerful combination. They both solve similar problems, but on different layers of the stack, so combining the two can give users more scalability and automation than ever before.

Building Custom Dashboards in OpenStack Horizon
Keith Tenzer - February 23, 2015

OpenStack Horizon provides a dashboard that brings together all OpenStack projects in a single-pane-of-glass. The below diagram illustrates the connectivity between the Horizon dashboard and other OpenStack services.


OpenStack Marketplace

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 upgrades networking, storage
By: Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

Following on last week's release of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5, this week, the company release Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6. In addition to bringing the software up to OpenStack Juno, it includes networking and storage enhancements targeted at enterprises and telecommunications companies.

Big Switch and PLUMGrid open online networking playgrounds
By: Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

One problem with testing sophisticated OpenStack networking features and products is access to those products. This week both Big Switch and PlumGrid tackled this problem by making test environments available online for users to try out.

Technology News

Let the backlash begin: is cloud emerging from the “Trough of Disillusionment”?
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

Last week, Gartner's Tom Bittman published a short blog originally titled "Why are 95% of Private Clouds Failing?" The result was not, perhaps, what he might have suspected.

OpenStack and EC2: CloudScaling puts its money where its mouth is
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

Bias announced the ec2-api, a drop-in replacement for the existing nova EC2 API. Customers -- including large installations such as CERN -- do use it, but while they say it's "not perfect" they don't want it deprecated until there's something else.

Community News

Vote for OpenStack Summit Proposals – Voting ends Monday, Feb. 23
Denise Walters, OpenStack:Now

OpenStack community members are voting on presentations for the OpenStack Summit, which will be held May 18-22, in Vancouver, Canada. Member votes help determine the proposals to accept, and the polls are open until Monday, Feb. 23 at 5 pm CT.

Vote for Mirantis Talks for the Vancouver Summit
Michelle Yakura, Mirantis Blog

It’s time again to vote for your favorite topics for the next OpenStack Summit, and Mirantis is asking for your support. This time around, there are more than 50 proposed talks featuring Mirantis speakers, ranging from customer user stories to discussions on OpenStack containers to technical best practices and how to’s. Please take a look and vote for the ones that interest you. Thanks!



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