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Services offerings for all phases of the OpenStack lifecycle, from green-field to migration to scale-out optimization, including Migration, Self-service IT as a Service (ITaaS), CI/CD. Learn More

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The deep bench of OpenStack infrrastructure experts has the proven experience across scores of deployments and uses cases, to ensure you get OpenStack running fast and delivering continuous ROI.

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Mirantis provides coding, testing and maintenance for OpenStack drivers to help infrastructure companies integrate with OpenStack and deliver innovation to cloud customers and operators. Learn More

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Know OpenStack? Prove it. An IT professional who has earned the Mirantis® Certificate of Expertise in OpenStack has demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create, configure, and manage OpenStack environments.

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New to OpenStack and need the skills to run an OpenStack cluster yourself? Our bestselling 3 day course gives you the hands-on knowledge you need.

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Some vendors choose to “improve” OpenStack by salting it with their own exclusive technology. At Mirantis, we’re totally committed to keeping production open source clouds free of proprietary hooks or opaque packaging. When you choose to work with us, you stay in full control of your infrastructure roadmap.

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OpenStack Board of Directors looks to the future
Jodi Smith, OpenStack:Now - March 23, 2015

On March 3, the OpenStack Foundation board of directors met in New York for an all-day marathon to discuss the future of OpenStack and identify market trends and opportunities. After a brief discussion about the need to shore up core OpenStack so that compute, storage, and networking functionality work reliably, the group of more than 20 broke into four separate sub-groups to discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and NFV, containers and developer tools, public and hybrid clouds, and product management/the Product Working group.

OpenStack Foundation
Mirantis OpenStack Summit Vancouver presentations External link
Denise Walters, Mirantis - March 23, 2015

Please join Mirantis at the Vancouver OpenStack Summit. We'll be giving the following presentations.

The OpenStack Summit–and Kilo release–coming up soon
Denise Walters, OpenStack:Now - March 23, 2015

The Vancouver Summit is now only 56 days away, and the full schedule is now live. In addition, OpenStack Kilo has reached milestone 3 in advance of its late April release.

OpenStack Networking moves to ML2 for Pluribus
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now - March 22, 2015

Networking vendor Pluribus has announced that its drivers now support an ML2-based neutron plugin for the Juno and Icehouse releases of OpenStack.

NetworkingneutronOpenstack networkingPluribus
OpenStack:Now Vol 2, Issue 11 (3/16/15) – technology and marketplace news from across the ecosystem
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - March 20, 2015

SUSE has rebranded its OpenStack server to reflect the DefCore initiative, upgrading it to Juno and adding support for Hadoop and MapR through Sahara.

Mirantis OpenStack integrates Juniper Contrail
Nick Chase, Mirantis Blog - March 19, 2015

OpenStack is meant to be pluggable; you should be able to swap out components as necessary (or desired). Normally, we're talking about hardware--as long as you have the proper drivers, you can use pretty much any hardware to run your OpenStack cloud--but it also applies to additional systems such as Software Defined Networking components.

ContrailjuniperJuniper networksMirantis OpenStackMOSNetworkingneutronOpencontrail

OpenStack Marketplace

Deadline for Superuser Awards: March 19External link
By: Superuser

Superuser awards recognize a team that uses OpenStack to meaningfully improve their business and differentiate in a competitive industry, while also contributing back to the community.

Why your first OpenStack commit will always be the hardestExternal link
By: Hong Nga Nguyen, Superuser

"The first commit has a steep learning curve, especially if you haven’t had experience with Git, Gerrit, and the rest of the OpenStack tooling." says HP developer Susanne Balle. "My experience has been that the community is very welcoming and always ready to help a newbie with his/her first commit."

Technology News

SUSE upgrades, rebrands its OpenStack distro
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

SUSE has rebranded its OpenStack server to reflect the DefCore initiative, upgrading it to Juno and adding support for Hadoop and MapR through Sahara. The software, formerly known as SUSE Cloud, is now known as SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5, and includes improvements to networking and deployment, as well as a new services-oriented architecture.

HP releases open standard servers for service providers
Nick Chase, OpenStack:Now

HP released a new line of servers this week. Based on open standards and aimed at the service provider market, the Cloudline server line is being produced in partnership with China's Foxconn Original Device Manufacturer (ODM).


Community News

As Containers Rise, OpenStack TripleO Slides
Jodi Smith, Mirantis Blog

In the OpenStack ecosystem, change is common, but when a vendor pulls out of a project it once championed, it’s a big deal. And so it is with TripleO, the project to simplify deployment by using OpenStack as an undercloud on which to deploy OpenStack.

Vote for OpenStack Summit Proposals – Voting ends Monday, Feb. 23
Denise Walters, OpenStack:Now

OpenStack community members are voting on presentations for the OpenStack Summit, which will be held May 18-22, in Vancouver, Canada. Member votes help determine the proposals to accept, and the polls are open until Monday, Feb. 23 at 5 pm CT.



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Slides for the talk from Salvatore Orlando and Armando Migliaccio at the Openstack Summit – Fall 2013 in Hong Kong


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