OpenStack unlocks cloud. Mirantis unlocks OpenStack.

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As the OpenStack cloud deployed by more customers than any other, Mirantis OpenStack gives you the reliability you expect from traditional virtualization with the flexibility you need. Pure-play, anchored in upstream, backed by commercial support 24x7x365, it puts the agility of cloud where it belongs: in your hands.

Streamlined Deployment Automation

Fuel is an open source deployment and control plane for OpenStack. Developed as an OpenStack community effort, it provides an intuitive, GUI-driven experience for automated deployment and management of OpenStack, related community projects and plugins.

Production Ready Packages

Mirantis OpenStack builds in continuous verification, hardening the distribution across the thousands of dependencies and configuration settings needed to ensure upstream packages are validated across multiple versions of OpenStack complements – such as OSs, hypervisors and DBs – and tested at scale against a broad range of real-world use cases.

Drivers and Plugins

Extend your Mirantis OpenStack cloud with an ecosystem of certified partner solutions, community-supported drivers, and Fuel plugins. Integrate your cloud with existing infrastructure investments. Review infrastructure hardware compatibility. Add configuration and deployment capabilities such as VPNaaS, LBaaS, and more.

Workload Deployment

Murano is the OpenStack Application Catalog project, pioneered by Mirantis and developed as an OpenStack community effort, that provides tools to automate application deployment. Using a catalog format, its pre-defined configuration templates let you simply pick the apps you want to provision – Murano deploys them automatically, ready for use.

Data Services with Hadoop

Automated provisioning and re-configuration of Hadoop through dev/test cycles environments can benefit from the flexibility and configurability of OpenStack. Sahara makes it easy to use Hadoop within your OpenStack cloud, without the burden of constant manual re-configuration and debugging with each development iteration.

Enterprise-Grade Support

Mirantis OpenStack subscriptions give you the reliable expert support you need for production operations. Our experts provide prompt, well-informed resolution. Remediation and code fixes to OpenStack and Fuel go right back to the community, for adoption upstream. We also provide legal indemnification.