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Open Source

Based entirely on open source and open standards, DriveTrain combines powerful model-driven pipeline management with native integrations to public cloud providers and private clouds like Mirantis OpenStack.

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Mirantis DriveTrain empowers application owners to deploy, run, update and move their apps on any public or private cloud with ease. At the same time, it empowers enterprises to achieve their specific cost, security, reliability, performance and scalability goals across all of their cloud users.

Flexible icon Flexible

Developers and operators can use DriveTrain’s model-based design to easily configure it to their own needs following the infrastructure-as-code approach.

Pipeline Builder

Use a self-service interface to create flexible pipeline workflows to provision your apps and cloud infrastructure, deploy pre-built software artifacts using blue-green, canary or rolling strategies, introduce manual judgements or rollback steps on monitoring triggers.

Integrated Open PaaS

Empower development teams to build a reusable catalog of Kubernetes-native services using the Helm package manager and structured dependency and policy definition language. Deploy services to K8s environments running on any cloud with a single click.

Configuration Versioning

Applications can’t be reduced to immutable images. Network configuration and governance related policy are just as much a part of an application as the binary artifacts. DriveTrain allows you to associate and manage collections of pre-built immutable application artifacts with structured and versioned configuration artifacts stored in Git.

Pre-populated pipeline templates and images

Make it easy for development teams to adopt self-service continuous delivery by pre-populating individual environments with built-in deployment best-practices with a catalog of reusable pipelines, pre-built immutable images and Helm charts with key application infrastructure components.

Single Pane of Glass for Apps and Related Infrastructure

Optimal system performance and reliability require visibility into the entire software stack from apps to infrastructure. Building on its earlier exclusive focus on management of lifecycle of distributed software, DriveTrain is now unique in offering a single pane of glass for management of multi-cloud apps as well as on-premise cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack or Kubernetes.

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