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Fully managed Kubernetes cluster on any platform, anywhere in the world.

Navigating the cloud native journey

Delivering quality, innovative software, and doing it faster is critical in providing the best experience to your customers. To embark on this journey, teams select Kubernetes for its ability to enhance developer agility, accelerate software development, and unify DevOps teams. In general, you’re trying to:

Enhance Security

Innovate faster

Optimize Infrastructure spend

Embarking on the Kubernetes journey offers the promise of value developer velocity, but early in this journey, DevOps teams encounter complexity when it comes to managing and monitoring the application lifecycle. This is a common challenge felt by most. Developers find themselves with more responsibility and less time to focus on developing software, leading to greater security risks and increasing operational cost.

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Complete visibility and control of Kubernetes implementations anywhere

DevOpsCare powered by Lens provides a unified view into your Kubernetes clusters and applications on any platform, anywhere. With end-to-end transparency, you can control, monitor and secure your Kuberenetes clusters, enabling your team to seamlessly accelerate along the road to Kubernetes nirvana.

This vendor-agnostic, fully-managed Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) product for any Kubernetes environment eliminates the additional workload and complexity for Developers, enabling them to be more productive and focus on building better software while eliminating friction.

Realize the benefits from the start


Accelerate software development to innovate faster


Manage and monitor your Kubernetes clusters


Boost developer productivity and reduce organizational complexity


Reduce risk and ensure compliance


Optimise operational cost

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