What is Mirantis Cloud Platform?

Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is a comprehensive multi-cloud software stack built with an operations-centric approach. It continuously delivers automated infrastructure updates and intelligent application delivery through a CI/CD pipeline toolchain while also providing proactive monitoring and analytics to ensure maximum availability. MCP can include OpenStack and/or Kubernetes to offer bare metal, VMs and containers, along with Ceph, OpenContrail and Calico for software-defined storage and networking.



Lifecycle Management (LCM)

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Operations Support System (OSS)

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With MCP, you can offer developers bare metal, virtual machine and container resources for different types of workloads — all in a single cloud. You can also add Containers-as-a-Service and Mirantis Application Platform to foster grassroots adoption of CD best practices and standardized software artifacts, and accelerate your application pipelines as your company moves towards a cloud-native, container-first approach to apps. Solutions from competing vendors are unable to handle this breadth and flexibility with open source software, creating vendor lock-in and forcing you to create and manage multiple islands with different platforms



Why should you consider Mirantis your most trusted source of open cloud software? We’re experts in multiple open source projects and communities, with nearly a decade of experience and leading contributions. With our know-how and continuous delivery of software updates, you’ll get new features, bug and security fixes with rapid velocity. You can also influence open source communities to incorporate your specific features by leveraging our relationships.

Unlike our competitors, we do not view open source cloud infrastructure or PaaS software as a way to lock you into other “cash cow” technology like an OS. We work with multiple open source software projects along with multiple best-in-class technology providers to bring you solutions that solve specific use cases such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Multi-Cloud App Delivery. We deliver value to your business through these solutions, using a Build-Operate-Transfer model to ensure your long-term success, on your terms.

Mirantis Cloud Platform Bootcamp (MCP100)

Learn MCP concepts, features, and how MCP can be used to deploy and configure cloud environments. Classes are available for enrollment in US and EMEA.

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