What is Mirantis Cloud Platform?


Lifecycle Management (LCM)

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Operations Support System (OSS)

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Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is a comprehensive private cloud software stack that includes OpenStack (for bare metal and VM compute), Kubernetes (for containers), Ceph (block and object storage), DriveTrain (lifecycle management) and StackLight (Operations Support System). You and your developers can access relevant functionalities of the stack through REST APIs and respective portals.

Unified Private Cloud Software Stack

Mirantis Cloud Platform provides a single unified solution for cloud hosted, cloud optimized and cloud native workloads. Offer bare metal, virtual machine, or container resources to your developers to handle different types of workloads in a single cloud. Solutions from competing vendors are unable to handle the breadth of enterprise requirements forcing you to create and manage multiple islands.

100% Open-Source

Why should you consider Mirantis your most trusted source of private cloud software? We’re experts in multiple open source projects and communities. Everything we develop is upstream-first. With our know-how, you’ll get new features, bug and security fixes with rapid velocity. Influence communities to incorporate your specific features by leveraging our relationships.

Continuous Innovation

Waiting for months to get a new release of your private cloud software distribution is the antithesis of the velocity you expect from open-source projects. Mirantis Cloud Platform solves this by continuously integrating the latest stable release of each software project in our stack and continuously delivering the innovation to you.

Pure Play Private Clouds

Unlike our competitors, we do not view private cloud software as a way to sell some existing proprietary technology. Private cloud software is all we do. This means we work with best-in-class technology providers to bring to you solutions that solve specific use-cases. Our partners include platform (PaaS, VNF, MANO, CMP), infrastructure (hardware, storage, networking) and middleware vendors (billing, authentication). We deliver value to our customers through these technologies, using a Build-Operate-Transfer model to ensure our clients’ long term success, on their terms.

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