Your business applications dictate the unique infrastructure requirements needed to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

However, with existing hardware investments from preferred suppliers and limitations imposed by networking, security, compliance, etc, most pre-packaged vendor solutions don’t fit within your constraints, and a do-it-yourself approach is time consuming and cost prohibitive.

To meet the changing needs of your business and maximize your return on technology investments, you need cloud infrastructure that is flexible, works within your constraints, and can be tightly tuned to your unique use cases.

Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) delivers flexible, open private-cloud infrastructure that is cost efficient to maintain and evolve as your business grows.


Capture, Tune, Repeat

MCP gives you the ability to capture and deliver reproducible, application-driven clouds using an automated, continuous delivery approach – so you can iterate quickly and tightly tune the infrastructure to your evolving needs.

MCP uses an infrastructure-as-code approach with your private clouds, just like the public cloud providers, helping you to reduce the cost of manual steps and reducing the risk of delivering change quickly.

MCP can include OpenStack and/or Kubernetes to give your developers bare metal, virtual machine and container resources for different types of workloads — all in a single cloud that can be easily updated as your business grows.


DriveTrain is the heart of MCP, giving you the flexibility to continuously tune the services, versions, configuration, and topology of your clouds to suit the changing needs of your business – all while delivering critical updates with minimal interruption.

DriveTrain is an infrastructure-as-code system that helps you build and manage the continuous delivery pipelines that automate the management and maintenance of your private cloud infrastructure.

Only MCP gives you the flexibility to choose the best open-source technology for your business, and with DriveTrain you can safely upgrade to the latest features and versions when you’re ready.


To operate the flexible and responsive infrastructure your applications require, you need deep operational insights and the tools to keep your clouds running smoothly.

Mirantis StackLight is our proactive monitoring, logging and alerting solution – providing complete operational visibility that helps get you to production-readiness quickly and ensures maximum availability.

StackLight and DriveTrain work together – so you can catch problems early and roll back updates, and use pre-configured triggers to automatically scale/adjust infrastructure services before problems arise.


Leave DIY behind – start with Mirantis tuned infrastructure stacks, based on customer best practices, and use our infrastructure-as-code approach to keep tuning your infrastructure to the changing needs of the business.
Learn about MCP Edge, our infrastructure stack tuned for edge use cases.


Fully automate the delivery and maintenance of your infrastructure so you can achieve efficient, day-2 operations, zero-downtime upgrades, and stay current with the latest open source features and fixes.


With Mirantis OpsCare, our build-operate-transfer solution, you can quickly deliver the flexible, private-cloud infrastructure you need and when you’re ready you can seamlessly transfer operations to your IT organization using the same in-place tooling and same in-place operating procedures used by Mirantis.

Mirantis Cloud Platform Bootcamp (MCP100)

Learn MCP concepts, features, and how MCP can be used to deploy and configure cloud environments. Classes are available for enrollment in US and EMEA.

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