Mirantis Cloud Platform Components

Continuously Delivered OpenStack

Kubernetes is the new standard for building cloud native, hybrid applications, but that doesn’t mean OpenStack will just fade away. If you already run an extensive catalog of VM-based applications, you need to know that you can reliably continue using OpenStack while still being able to go in other directions with other parts of your infrastructure. Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), uses DriveTrain to give you the flexibility to capture and continuously tune the OpenStack services, versions, configuration, and topology of your clouds to suit the changing needs of your business – all while delivering critical updates with minimal interruption.

Note: MCP is our legacy product. Our current OpenStack platform is Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, which dramatically simplifies operations for OpenStack by bringing all the configurability, resilience, scalability and easy updates and upgrades of Kubernetes.

Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

By applying DriveTrain’s continuous delivery (CD) pipelines to each OpenStack service, Mirantis customers gain the ability to add, remove, or update individual services in-place and with greater flexibility than with a monolithic distro file. In many cases upgrades between OpenStack versions can be accomplished with zero workload downtime, resolving a major operational challenge and unlocking access to upstream open source innovation.

Enterprise Grade – Delivered

Mirantis takes upstream OpenStack code, rigorously tests it, applies additional fixes and enterprise-grade features, and packages the OpenStack services into VM images that are published on our Git repos and placed into our customers’ repositories for deployment into their staging and production environments.


OpenStack Operations Support

Mirantis StackLight is our proactive monitoring, logging and alerting solution – providing complete operational visibility and management tooling that helps get you to production-readiness quickly and ensures maximum availability once you’re in production.

StackLight is designed for OpenStack, including extensive collectors, dashboards, trend reporting and alerts – preconfigured for all monitored services and components.

StackLight and DriveTrain work together – so you can catch problems early and roll back updates, and use pre-configured triggers to automatically scale/adjust infrastructure services before problems arise.

OSS Tooling For Our Team And Yours

Many Mirantis customers rely on us to operate their clouds as an extension of their team. Our staff uses StackLight to manage our customers’ clouds, perform health checks, monitor for issues, and provide insights to our customers’ IT operations teams and executives. Customers that elect to transfer operational control to their own staff can leverage the experience and training they received while Mirantis managed their clouds.

a screenshot of Kibana

OpenStack for NFVi & VIM

OpenStack has emerged as the leading open source choice of communications service providers for NFVi & VIM as part of their Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture.

Our NFV solution comprises a hardened reference platform compliant with the ETSI-NFV reference architecture, built using 100% open source software. Some of the NFV-centric open source projects we participate in are OpenStack, OPNFV, ETSI NFV ISG, OpenDaylight, ONAP and Open Source MANO.

Working with some of the largest operators in the world, we’ve gained tremendous experience in delivering production clouds for NFV use cases including Edge, Mobile and IoT. Along the way, we’ve developed vendor partnerships and services for easier VNF Onboarding, and innovative technologies such as Virtlet to better address Edge compute requirements.

A diagram showing OpenStack for NFVi and VIM

What’s Included?

a diagram showing included included OpenStack services

MCP includes individual VM artifacts for core services, continuously delivered to your on-prem cloud environments via the DriveTrain toolchain.

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