Mirantis Cloud Platform Components

Pure Play Network Virtualization Platform for On-premises Clouds

As Kubernetes does not provide native support for inter-pod networking, Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) uses Calico software defined networking as an L3 networking provider for all Kubernetes deployments through the Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin. Additionally, MCP supports Tungsten Fabric to enable network isolation and highly customizable configurations for multiple tenant-based workloads.

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Network Virtualization

MCP leverages Mirantis Tungsten Fabric software defined networking (formerly named OpenContrail) to provide the basic building blocks for simplifying complex and highly available networking connectivity.

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Network Analytics

Our MCP deployment integrates in-depth StackLight OSS tooling with network analysis tools of Tungsten Fabric for more informed monitoring and deterministic forecasting.

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Network Deployment Automation

MCP tooling enables programmability of desired states of the network, automating the configuration of the virtual network nodes.

Bring the Power of Internet Networking Principles to Kubernetes Orchestration

Included as the networking fabric for Kubernetes within MCP, Calico software defined networking provides the rich feature set that you expect from a production network and maximizes layer-3 virtual networking for scalable Kubernetes containerized environments. It is integrated with Kubernetes to provide highly scalable deployment options and granular secure network mapping.

Kubernetes Networking at Scale

Enable the benefits of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for Kubernetes without the need for an overlay network. Calico delivers networking directly between the underlay switches and the containers eliminating the performance hits of NAT allowing full line rate performance for workloads.

Secure Network Mapping

Increase your DevOps agility and maintain security with transportable network security policies based on standard best practices that you are already familiar with; move and adapt your policies with ease as your environment grows. Calico offers network policy enforcement that ensures packet flow between only the desired workflows with the speed and simplicity of policy labels.

Hardened Networking Solutions

Mirantis continually performs comprehensive testing on Tungsten Fabric and Calico with a variety of tests to harden our deployment practices with MCP so that you get a stable, scalable and resilient network that you can put into production use with confidence. Our philosophy of contributing our experience to the open source community ensures the best possible software defined network development for future-proofing your workloads.

Understanding OPNFV

Whether you work for a telecom operator or a technology provider, this ebook will give you a complete overview of the OPNFV project so you can confidently provide direction to your technical team in terms of how to use or get involved with OPNFV.

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