Private Cloud for Enterprises

Winning in the Software Economy requires an Open Private Cloud


Virtualization ≠ Private Cloud

Enterprises have broadly adopted virtualization for their exisiting apps. But many of their developers are using AWS instead. No wonder it’s hard to compete in the software economy. Too many rely on manual infrastructure provisioning — using endless IT tickets — when private clouds are the better approach.

Developers turn to cloud for self-service provisioning whenever they can get away with it. Why? In their quest for more with less, developers recognize the pain of legacy IT infra and its ticket-based provisioning:

  • Requires 2-26 weeks provisioning time resulting in loss of productivity
  • Needs 4-5 years of commitment that kills innovation — nobody is going to take risks if they have to commit to a VM or bare-metal server for 4-5 years.
  • Is incompatible with new processes such as continuous integration, DevOps etc.

But IT/Ops is no better off with manual provisioning, even if it has become a habit:

  • Requires a large amount of manual tasks, capacity planning and program management
  • Relies on proprietary APIs & management tools that lock IT into specific hardware vendors
  • Reduces IT staff to a vendor manager instead of an Infrastructure architect

Open Private Clouds built on OpenStack empower both developers and IT Ops with self-service on-demand IT. Open means 100% open-source, open APIs, and vendor agnostic. In fact, within a few years, private clouds will be the only way to consume on-premise infrastructure in a few years and the era of infrastructure tickets is drawing to an end. Private clouds slash provisioning times down to minutes and enable new application development processes. This enables organizations to not only compete in the software economy, but also win! As the vendor that has deployed the most production clouds, Mirantis is the right partner in this journey.


Better software faster

Developers want to build software faster and not deal with infrastructure, operating system and any other provisioning or configuration issues. Very simply, they want an AWS like environment for development and testing. Furthermore, new processes like continuous integration and DevOps need infrastructure to be defined as a piece of code that is provisioned through APIs, rather than being defined in a spreadsheet. Developers might also want capabilities such as:

  • Applications-on-demand such as databases, LAMP stack etc.
  • Platform-as-a-service so they only have to worry about coding Java, Ruby-on-rails, Node.js etc. apps
  • Ability to run dockerized applications on their OpenStack compute nodes to get access to 1,000s of pre-packaged applications
  • Ability to run container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes to simplify the development and running of complex distributed applications

With Mirantis OpenStack, Murano software catalog and our integration with platform-level-software such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, organizations can provide their developers with a platform that meets all of these above needs.


Flexible yet rapid cloud deployment, reliable operation at scale

IT/ Ops wants to create an open cloud on their terms. They want to choose the hardware components (servers, storage, networking etc.), software components (host OS, hypervisor, SDN framework etc.) and platform level software (CMP, PaaS, on-demand applications etc.) that meets their unique needs. However, the flexibility should not bog down deployment or create operational complexity. Our pure-play approach allows us to be vendor agnostic with Mirantis OpenStack, giving you the maximum flexibility in infrastructure and platform choices. Fuel, our OpenStack deployment and management software dramatically simplifies the time it takes IT/ Ops to get OpenStack deployed. Finally our hardened core packages ensure that IT/ Ops can sleep easy at night!

Business Leader

Compete in the Software Economy

Competing in the software economy is hard. There are examples everywhere where startups have disrupted incumbents or even entire industries by using software as the key differentiator. To compete in the software economy, companies need to go through four disparate transformations:

  1. Organization: A cloud operations or cloud architecture team needs to be created with cross-functional team members
  2. Process: Continuous integration and DevOps processes need to be embraced
  3. Application Architecture: Application development needs to move from monolithic to cloud-native or service-oriented architectures. An extreme form of this is micro-service oriented architecture optimized for containers.
  4. Infrastructure: Proprietary hardware infrastructure needs to move to an Open Cloud. An open cloud has three attributes: 100% Open-source, Open APIs, and Vendor agnostic.

Mirantis OpenStack solves problem #4, while Mirantis services can help you with #2. With Mirantis, you can build a private cloud that will enable you to win in the software economy, out-innovate your competitors and squash any threat from startups.

VMware Users

Cloudify your vSphere environment

A large number of IT departments are comfortable with vSphere. vSphere is certified internally, trained individuals manage it and there is probably an enterprise license agreement in place. Mirantis OpenStack is the best way to cloudify your vSphere environment. vSphere by itself, does not solve the manual provisioning and IT tickets problems discussed earlier. In needs a private cloud software layer to convert it into self-service on-demand infrastructure that developers can get excited about. Unlike alternatives, Mirantis OpenStack is 100% open-source, support open APIs and provides a wide-range of flexibility in underlying components. Users can choose to mix vSphere with KVM for use-cases such as test-dev on KVM and vSphere for production.

Mirantis is the largest, independent vendor of OpenStack services and technology. We have the deepest bench of OpenStack consultants on the market and a unique, vendor-neutral model.

Here’s what we can do:

Industry Solutions

Quickly stand up a production-grade OpenStack cloud

Quickly stand up a production-grade OpenStack cloud atop your existing physical infrastructure, using one of many verified deployment configurations available through our Fuel deployment and management tool.

Optimize and tailor OpenStack to your needs

Assess OpenStack to fit your needs, implementing it to fit with your existing IT systems, including monitoring, billing, workflow management etc.

Migrate applications to OpenStack

Help migrate your application workloads onto the new OpenStack environment.

OpenStack Training

Get your teams trained on OpenStack through our industry-leading public and private course offerings

Support and operate

Support and help operate your OpenStack infrastructure

Download a case study so we can show you how enterprises like The Gap and Providence Health worked with OpenStack and Mirantis to rapidly deploy an agile OpenStack cloud.

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