Webinar: How to implement continuous proactive security to safeguard Kubernetes   |   Save My Seat

Webinar: How to implement continuous proactive security to safeguard Kubernetes  |  Save My Seat

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Native and Kubernetes Support

Maximize the uptime and value of your cloud native infrastructure through a Mirantis Support subscription.

Mirantis Enterprise Cloud-Native & Kubernetes Support Subscriptions

Mirantis offers a spectrum of annual enterprise support subscriptions to match the level of support you and your team need for successful deployment and operation of cloud native infrastructure-as-a-service, whether you choose a managed services option or prefer your internal IT Ops team to maintain cloud operations.


Cloud Native Infrastructure-as-a-Service

We offer Cloud Native and Kubernetes support subscriptions for:

  • Mirantis Cloud Native Platform suite of products, including Mirantis Container Cloud, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise), Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes, and others

  • Lens Kubernetes IDE

  • Mirantis Cloud Platform

World-Class Support

Assure your management that the appropriate service-level agreements are in place to get help when you need it, delivered by the cloud native infrastructure experts with the most real-world experience supporting open source infrastructure software. Mirantis will also take ownership for third-party cooperation support options (OpsCare and OpsCare Plus) for the Cloud Native and Kubernetes infrastructure.

Updates and Upgrades

Receive notifications for critical software issues, and update your cloud via Mirantis-developed artifacts continuously delivered to you, so you can limit risk and utilize the product’s latest enhancements. In the case of OpsCare, updates and upgrades are part of the offering and performed by Mirantis as part of the curation of your cloud.

Support Subscription Brochure

The Value of Mirantis Cloud Native Infrastructure

Reduce Time-To-Value

By switching to cloud, companies can improve developer productivity by 400%. And, by using microservices and migrating from a legacy to cloud native platform, companies typically save 40%-60% in IT costs. By partnering with Mirantis for deployment and operation of your private cloud, you ensure that your company can achieve these benefits with decreased risk.

Focus Your Resources on Your Core Competency

Building and operating cloud native infrastructure-as-a-service is a complex endeavor. Attracting, retaining, and growing team members with the required skills is costly and time-consuming. As a major contributor to the open source projects included in our products, our Kubernetes and Swarm support team has already developed the engineering skills needed to build and maintain a reliable cloud. And, through our work with some of the largest private clouds in the world, we’ve developed best practices that we use to run your cloud for you, so you can focus your team on what really matters: delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

Improve the Stability and Uptime of Your Cloud

Because Mirantis is a major contributor to the open source code we deploy for your cloud, we’re able to provide fixes rapidly and work with the community to ensure the fixes are implemented upstream so that your cloud isn’t based on forked code. The combined expertise based on hundreds of Mirantis software engineers can be leveraged as needed to provide support for your Cloud Native infrastructure, including Kubernetes and Swarm issues, providing much greater scale than you could achieve on your own.

With our enterprise support and managed services subscriptions, there are no additional license, maintenance, per-incident support, or user access fees. Simply maintain an active subscription and get all of the above benefits.

Product Overviews

MCP Overview
StackLight for MCP

Support Options to Match Your Needs

Support Level: OpsCare

24x7x365 support for production

Support Level: OpsCare Plus

Fully managed remote operations