Enterprise-Grade Support Subscription

Deploy and operate an OpenStack cloud without requiring an army of engineers. Maximize the uptime and solution value of your cloud through a Mirantis OpenStack subscription.

What is a Support Subscription?

Mirantis OpenStack Software

Because we harden open-source bits, you don’t have to. Solve your deployment and management issues at scale with Fuel. Deploy workloads with a push of a button with the Murano application catalog.

Updates & Upgrades

Receive update notifications for technical bulletins, scheduled updates and backports. Get upgrades aligned with every major community release along with guidance, documentation and tooling for the actual upgrade process.

World-Class Support

Assure your management that the right service-level agreements are in place to get help when you need it from the OpenStack experts with the most real-world experience supporting OpenStack clouds. Partner with us to represent your interests in the community.

Community Advocacy

With our deep history of involvement in the community, we are able to represent your needs. By having a large number of PTLs (project technical leads), core and regular contributors, we have the bench strength to represent you in the relevant project.

Support Options to Match your Needs

8×5 Support

Non-critical e.g. dev/ test, non-production clouds

24×7 Support

Business critical e.g. certain production environments, big data analytics.

Proactive Support

Mission critical e.g. customer facing apps, NFV, IT-as-a-service

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The Value of Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis takes a stable community release, hardens it, integrates it with Fuel for deploying and operating OpenStack at scale and adds the Murano app catalog project for easy workload deployment on OpenStack. We also include other relevant open-source middleware. And we publish detailed reference architectures that we support. This results in substantial benefits for customers:

Reduce time-to-value

A large telco was able to reduce the deployment time for their multi-100 node cluster from 28 days to just 1 day with Mirantis OpenStack. Furthermore, they were able to reduce management overhead of 4 different clusters by using just a single Fuel master.

Eliminate the need for an OpenStack engineering team

Funding, building and retaining an OpenStack development team in-house is no small endeavor. Moreover, in most cases, OpenStack engineering does not create business value for customers. A large SaaS company was able to redeploy their 20+ person OpenStack team by choosing Mirantis OpenStack.

Improve the stability and uptime of your cloud

Be assured that only production-ready features are included; and those features are tested significantly over & above the level of the community.

There are no additional license, maintenance, per incident support, or user access fees. Simply maintain an active subscription and get all of the above benefits.

Certified Partners

Use Mirantis OpenStack with validated third-party drivers and Fuel deployment plugins with the assurance that they have been tested, and the configuration will be supported by Mirantis. Mirantis will take ownership for third-party cooperation through TSANet, the multi-vendor support community (for 24×7 and proactive support options). The same assurance applies to certified hardware and application partners.

Our Partners

The Source of the Source Code

The value of a subscription is meaningful for the single reason that we are deeply involved in the community and are the source of the source code!

For the Mitaka cycle, we are the top overall contributor, and a leader in terms of thought-leadership and bug fixes:

#1 by committers (327) | #1 by core contributors (87) | #1 by bugs resolved (3,770) | #1 by lines of code (1.37M)


Use our extensive documentation to guide your through different phases of your project.