Why Mirantis

As cloud computing enters the mainstream, more and more organizations are turning to the OpenStack® Open Source Cloud Operating System. Straightforward to implement, massively scalable and feature-rich, OpenStack is used by hundreds of companies, including Cisco, Internap, NASA, Dell, GE, and many more.

As a leading global provider of OpenStack services, Mirantis offers a unique, cost-effective global services delivery model founded on years of deep software engineering experience for demanding Fortune 1000 companies.

At Mirantis, we are fully committed to working with technology closely anchored to the most recent OpenStack upstream code base. We give you a vendor-independent implementation, uncompromised by opaque hooks or proprietary packaging. Our customers include:

  • Service Providers and SaaS Vendors driving industrial strength, scale-out service infrastructure
  • Enterprises building private clouds to make IT more responsive and agile
  • Organizations of all types migrating from proprietary cloud platforms

By working with Mirantis, you can confidently deploy OpenStack as a versatile, vendor-neutral scale-out solution. You get the freedom of choice to maintain the flexibility, agility, and control that brought you to the cloud in the first place.