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Congrats to Cory Snider, Outstanding Employee Award Winner

D.J. Harris - September 28, 2021
At Mirantis, our strength and success comes from the talent and hard work of our employees, and we believe in recognizing and rewarding excellence among our staff. Recently, our HR team asked managers across the company to nominate candidates for our Outstanding Employee awards who not only embody Mirantis’ core values but also produce outstanding results for our business.
Below is some background information on one of our recent award winners, Senior Software Engineer Cory Snider. We’ve also included a brief response from Cory himself, discussing his experiences as a member of the Mirantis Secure Registry engineering team.

Cory has been with the Mirantis team for nearly two years, joining after the Mirantis acquisition of Docker Enterprise. Since joining, he has been leading the effort for bringing Mirantis Secure Registry to Kubernetes. He has over a decade of experience in the embedded software and web application spaces, and is an invaluable asset to Mirantis’ engineering team. 
In his own words, he feels satisfaction knowing his work “keeps the world’s infrastructure running.” An engineering manager who nominated Cory for the award praised, “Cory’s ability to uncover, learn, and execute is remarkable and unparalleled." Another colleague commented: "Cory’s knowledge and expertise are just enormous — he is a real gift for our team!" Besides great technical knowledge and ability, Cory is also appreciated for supporting his fellow engineers in any way he can. 
Cory enjoys the problem solving that comes with innovating and maintaining software products. Like all talented engineers, he strives to fix what is broken, and reconstruct what can be better designed. At Mirantis, employees are encouraged to work on projects that excite them, and even with Cory’s focus on bringing Mirantis Secure Registry to Kubernetes, he still has the opportunity and the support to tackle challenges on other projects that interest him, including infrastructure and internal developer tools. 
Congratulations to Cory Snider, Outstanding Employee award winner from Engineering. The entire Mirantis family is grateful for all of your contributions, and we are happy to highlight your success.

D.J. Harris

D.J. is a visual designer and content specialist at Mirantis.

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