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Docker: (a few) Best Practices

Diana Dvorkin - April 27, 2017
As Docker continues to evolve, it is important to stay up to date with best practices. We joined JFrog to go over the challenges of Dockerization, Dockerfile tips, and configuration tweaks for production.

You may think that running your application in Docker is no different than running it on the host. This is not that easy; however, with some of the tips provided, you will avoid spending hours of debugging on your own.

Check out this video, featuring Mirantis’ Director of Engineering, Mike Scherbakov, to learn:
  • How to make sure that your application will terminate gracefully within a Docker container, flushing its caches, etc.
  • Why your Docker container is full of zombies, and you’ve never seen that on a host Linux. What to do in order to get rid of them.
  • Peculiarities of proxying network traffic to your application from outside the host
  • How to keep your containers running when you upgrade Docker, or change parameters and need to restart the daemon.


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