Hybrid cloud takes center stage, pushed by Microsoft and … Walmart??

In the public cloud, acknowledged champion Amazon Web Services is followed up by Microsoft Azure. Now Redmond is entering the private cloud market with Azure Stack, which purports to be identical to Azure, but for the private cloud.  The company is pushing this solution as a hybrid cloud play, intended to enable developers to use a single API for both public and private environments.

With the service running on (fairly hefty) Windows Server 2016 machines, Microsoft is clearly attempting to hold into the enterprise computing market, which has been slowly but surely moving to virtualization, and now cloud-based, solutions.  The idea here is to provide a hybrid cloud opportunity that enables companies to use a single API to run both private and public cloud workloads.

Pricing has not yet been determined.

Interestingly, the news comes at just about the same time as the open-sourcing of Walmart’s OneOps tool, which enables enterprises to seamlessly run workloads on both public and private clouds — but includes OpenStack, AWS, and, yes, Azure. Walmart acquired OneOps in 2013, and has built both walmart.com and samsclub.com with it.  OneOps is now available on GitHub under an Apache 2.0 license.

OneOps is an operations tool that enables 3000+ users to make more than 30,000 changes per month, including basic IaaS services and more advanced autoscaling and auto-repair operations.


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  1. Have you tried the Walmart OneOps tool with Openstack? If so, what is your opinion of it?

    It works with Openstack so you can make the same claim that Microsoft can regarding a hybrid cloud ( minus the fairly hefty hardware and Windows licensing ). Walmart was an early adopter of OpenStack and is still one of its largest users.

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