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Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Eric Gregory - July 31, 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server 2019 is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. For Google Cloud users, our new Marketplace offering provides an easy-to-deploy virtual machine (VM) image with licensing and support on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

The new Google Cloud Marketplace image joins similar offerings on Azure Marketplace. Now our users — including Microsoft customers affected by licensing and support changes — have more options than ever before for running the secure, supported enterprise container runtime on Windows Server VMs.

What is Mirantis Container Runtime?

Mirantis Container Runtime builds on the core of the open source Moby project and provides enterprise features including:

  • Enterprise support (8x5 for VM image users; 24x7 available)

  • Regular security updates to protect against new CVEs

  • FIPS-140-2 validation for federal agencies and other organizations with sensitive workloads

Today, Mirantis Container Runtime provides an easy way to run containerized workloads—while protecting users from being caught unaware by critical vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) in open source components. Developers enjoy easy access to the Docker CLI, accelerating development with standardized container workflows. 

On Windows Server, Mirantis Container Runtime is the easiest way to run and build Windows containers and the only way to do so with enterprise support and security updates.

How do I launch an instance?

Don't use Azure? This brief tutorial show how to launch an instance in minutes from Google Cloud Marketplace.

Navigate to the Google Cloud Marketplace page for Mirantis Container Runtime on Windows Server 2019. Log in and ensure that you are working on the project you wish to use for this deployment. In the image below, I’m working on My First Project.

Launch screen for Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server 2019 on Google Cloud Marketplace

Click Launch. You will need to have billing enabled on your project.  You may need to enable required Google Cloud APIs including Compute Engine, Cloud Deployment Manager V2, and Cloud Runtime Configuration.

API notification for Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server 2019 on Google Cloud Marketplace

Select details for your deployment such as name, zone, and machine type. When the configuration is to your satisfaction, read and accept the terms of service and click Deploy. Note that you will now be charged for your usage

The instance will deploy from Google Cloud’s Deployment Manager. (If you encounter resource constraints in your chosen zone, try to deploy in another zone.) After a successful deployment, the autogen file provides guidance on steps such as setting up SSH and authentication.

Successful deployment of Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server 2019 on Google Cloud Marketplace

You can manage your new instance from the Google Cloud console’s Compute Engine VM instances pane:

Google Cloud Compute Engine management screen showing instance of Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server 2019 on Google Cloud Marketplace

Congratulations! You’re all ready to get started with Mirantis Container Runtime for Windows Server. (Note that you can delete the instance and all associated resources from the Google Cloud Deployment Manager.) Explore the documentation for more details on usage.

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