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Mirantis + Bringing Serverless Computing to OpenStack

Serverless Computing is about deploying event-triggered, containerized applications into a framework that knows how to queue and pass jobs to them, manage inputs and outputs, and scale them up and down. First made popular by Amazon's Lambda service, the paradigm is simpler and more limited than PaaS, but offers many of the same benefits. It's gaining popularity swiftly in support of IoT (Internet of Things), media processing, and many other use-cases requiring agility, reliability, and scale.

For the past several months, Mirantis and Unlocked Partner have been collaborating to validate's multi-component job/message-queueing and serverless compute framework on Mirantis OpenStack, and to develop methods for simplifying deployment in stand-alone and hybrid configurations.
Last month, completed validation of a Murano app that installs IronMQ locally on a Mirantis OpenStack 8.0 cluster, and will shortly release another Murano app that deploys the IronWorker core framework.

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