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Mirantis is at KubeCon. Join our live experts!

D.J. Harris - November 18, 2020
The CNCF’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020 is officially underway, and it’s an exciting time for developers and technologists to gather to discuss the latest in the Kubernetes and Cloud Native communities. Mirantis, a proud gold-level sponsor for this year’s event, would like to invite you to check out our virtual booth (located in Gold-Hall B), which showcases our latest innovations to help our customers ship code faster. 
To help you navigate everything we have to offer, our Kubernetes and Cloud Native experts will be standing by to chat with you about optimizing your company’s cloud infrastructure, or about one of the many other Kubernetes-related projects Mirantis is involved in including the latest Lens Kubernetes IDE update and the launch of a new, pure upstream Kubernetes distribution: k0s.

KubeCon Mirantis booth

Come visit the virtual Mirantis booth at KubeCon in Gold-Hall B!

Mirantis Cloud Native Platform

At front and center is Mirantis Cloud Native Platform, which encompasses all our technological offerings that allow our customers to ship their code faster, on private and public clouds, or on bare metal, all at that highest level of security and certification that you have come to expect from a Mirantis offering. 
The individual components highlighted in more detail at our virtual booth include:
  • Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise/UCP): Enterprise-ready K8s and Swarm orchestration, deployed and managed anywhere
  • Mirantis Secure Registry (formerly Docker Trusted Registry): Store, share, and manage container images in your own private registry, all with maximum security
  • Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly Docker Engine - Enterprise): The industry-leading enterprise container engine, based off the industry standard 
  • Mirantis Container Cloud (formerly Docker Enterprise Container Cloud): Centralized multi-cluster and multi-cloud deployment and management with increased visibility and enhanced control, all continuously updated with zero downtime

Lens 4.0

For all the do-it-yourself developers in attendance this year, the biggest release of Lens, the world’s most popular Kubernetes IDE, is coming soon! Lens 4.0, currently available as a Beta, runs on any OS, and can be downloaded directly to your desktop. Lens 4.0 features drastic improvements made in two specific areas: 
  • Extension API: Now you can add any K8s integrated component, toolkit, or service to optimize Lens through custom visualization and analysis.
  • Logs UI improvements: Efficiently debug problems and monitor activity in real time with the Logs UI, now featuring an improved user interface, faster rendering performance, access to logs from past containers, and so much more. 

Introducing k0s

Mirantis is excited to announce the launch of an all new Kubernetes distribution called k0s. Created by the same team that brought you Lens, this open source project runs anywhere, with no operating system dependencies other than the Linux Kernel, and 1 line installation. Suitable for use cases ranging from local development to large scale production deployments, k0s offers flexibility and compatibility for all users, as well as a host of other features, including:
  • Zero friction: Drastically reduces complexity when installing/running a conformant K8s distribution, essentially reducing developer friction to zero
  • Zero dependencies: Distributed as a single binary with no host OS requirements besides the kernel, all vulnerabilities and performance issues are fixed directly in the distribution
  • Zero overhead: Designed to be super lightweight and flexible, requiring minimal resources 
  • Zero cost: Open source software that is 100% free, and always will be
  • Zero downtime: Comes with automated lifecycle management so you can upgrade your clusters while your applications keep running
K0s was designed to be the only open source Kubernetes distribution that you will ever need, applicable to a variety of use cases ranging from typical cloud deployments to more specialized edge computing/IoT-type instances. We feel pretty confident that you’ll love k0s and how easy it makes Kubernetes. Get started now, or talk some more with one of our Kubernetes experts at our virtual booth. 

Connect with us at KubeCon

We would love to hear from you at our virtual booth, open now through the end of the conference (11/20). Here, you can schedule and attend a demo for one of the many Mirantis offerings, or simply talk with some of our experts to learn more about Lens, k0s, and any other Mirantis Cloud Native Platform offering that can help optimize your business. We also have an awesome video showcasing some of the updates coming to Lens with the release of version 4.0, as well as a demo on how to get started with Mirantis Container Cloud.
If any of these cutting-edge products or offerings caught your eye, please stop by our virtual booth. And if you are unable to attend KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, you can still visit our website and schedule a meeting with one of our experts. We look forward to hearing from you, and if you are in attendance this week, we will be in Gold-Hall B. 

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