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NetApp + Mirantis: MOS 9.0 Reference Architecture and Fuel Plugin

Guest Post - August 29, 2016
What happens if you need to integrate NetApp’s leading storage hardware into OpenStack?
Last year, to facilitate deployment of NetApp storage solutions with Mirantis OpenStack 7.0, NetApp created the first release of their Fuel Plugin for ONTAP and E-Series integration. This release also included a comprehensive Reference Architecture, offering guidance and best-practice gleaned from several major Mirantis OpenStack+NetApp customer deployments.
Elaborating on the more-basic instructions offered in the Fuel Plugin Guide, the NetApp Mirantis Unlocked Reference Architecture discussed NetApp ONTAP and E-Series storage solutions in detail, explained configuration options on a feature-by-feature basis, and offered step-by-step instructions for using the plugin, including pre-configuration and post-deployment checkout.
This week, NetApp has released an updated version of their Fuel Plugin for Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 (Mitaka), collaborating with Mirantis to produce a fully-updated version of the NetApp Mirantis Unlocked Reference Architecture. (Both the Fuel Plugin and Reference Architecture can be downloaded from the Mirantis Unlocked NetApp Partner Page at
The new document makes it easier for deployment engineers and architects to integrate NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP/ONTAP 9 or E-Series storage solutions with a Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 cloud.

New NetApp Plugin Features for MOS 9.0

Mirantis OpenStack 9.0 supports several new NetApp features:To take advantage of these new features, among many others in the Mitaka release (further stabilized and hardened by Mirantis, the #1 bug fixer for OpenStack Mitaka) NetApp and Mirantis recommend using the latest version of Mirantis OpenStack (MOS 9.0, Mitaka) and the latest NetApp Fuel plugin.

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