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Red Hat shows how it holds itself accountable

Nick Chase - June 13, 2016
Ever wonder how decisions are made at Red Hat? Now you can find out.
The company has released its "Open Decision Framework", a codification of what it calls its meritocracy. A year ago, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst released The Open Organization, and in that time the company has learned a few things -- like how much meritocracy is enough. In a blog post, DeLisa Alexander points out that there are dangers to both too little meritocracy (where decision makers either don't listen, or listen but then don't act -- or at least explain why they're not acting), and too much meritocracy (where decision makers are disrespected or personal vendettas come into play).
On more technical fronts, the company has also released Ansible 2.1, with broader Microsoft Azure and Windows support, expanded support for containers (including a new docker_service module), and agentless network automation. Ansible 2.1 is now available via GitHub, and PyPi. Red Hat also released new versions of its Software Collections and Developer Toolset, collections of open source tools such as databases and compilers meant to make developers' lives easier.


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