Search, Store, Scale: Big Data and Berlin Buzzwords (with Sahara!)

Nick Chase - May 22, 2014

If you're going to be anywhere near Berlin next week and you have any interest at all in using Big Data effectively, you might want to consider heading over to the Berlin Buzzwords conference, to be held from May 25-28, 2014.  The conference concentrates on the storing, analysis, and searching of massive amounts of digital data -- their tag is "search, store, scale" -- and includes a strong social and informal component providing massive opportunities for collaboration and unexpected learning.

Berlin Buzzwords started in 2010 with speakers from the NoSQL, Lucene, Apache Mahout and Hadoop communities, such as Grant Ingersoll, Eric Evans, Doug Judd, Michael Busch, Steve Loughran, Frank Scholten and Sean Owen, and has grown to warrant the former Kulturbrauerei Berlin brewery space.  You can get a feel for the content by checking out the youtube playlist of last year's sessions, but keep in mind that the conference also includes aspects, such as the "Barcamp" -- a kind of unconference -- that takes place the evening before the main talks, on May 25, and a series of meetups and hackathons that take place in various locations in the evenings and after the main talks, on May 28.

This year, Mirantis' own Dmitry Mescheryakov will be presenting a talk entitled Hadoop on OpenStack cloud, in which he explains how to use OpenStack Data Processing project (Sahara, ex. Savanna) to easily provision Hadoop instances on OpenStack.  He'll also cover the various Hadoop provisioning options Sahara provides, and show a live demo.

Sessions also include talks from speakers such as Jonathan Ellis, Uwe Schindler and Chris Hostetter, as well as two keynotes, including Devops is Dead: Long Live Devops.