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You can help put Large Enterprise Cloud on the OpenStack Agenda

David Fishman - September 11, 2012

Voting is underway for the sessions to be presented in the OpenStack summit. It's time to make a difference and cast a ballot for some really terrific sessions -- and we're doing our part to ensure you know about ours.

While you'll need to be a member of the foundation to vote, we've posted our session descriptions here, below:

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Presentation Briefs

Webex Case StudyWebEx is a leader in on-demand collaboration and the second largest vendor of SaaS for business applications in the world. Earlier this year, the company placed a strategic bet on OpenStack to build a private cloud platform for many of its mission-critical apps. In collaboration with Mirantis, WebEx was able to successfully traverse the implementation path and is currently onboarding a number of production workloads onto its OpenStack cloud. In this talk, jointly delivered by Mirantis and WebEx, presenters will share more about the project, rationale behind choosing OpenStack, some of the key road-blocks on the path to production and touch upon the future roadmap. Presented by Reihardt Quelle and Kirill Ishanov

How to Make Money with OpenStack: Startups and enterprises alike have placed their strategic bets to monetize the OpenStack wave in various ways. As an ecosystem insider and board memeber of the OpenStack Foundation, in his talk, Boris Renski will offer his views on how various organizations in the OpenStack ecosystem are trying to monetize it today. He will also share his perspective on what works and what doesn’t, based on his experience helping grow Mirantis’ OpenStack business to 60+ people in just under 18 months. Presented by Boris Renski

OpenStack Super BootcampBuilt on the materials from the popular Mirantis OpenStack BootCamp and delivered by the same instructors, this compact workshop will give you all the information you need to understand OpenStack and impress your peers with technical depth. The workshop is aimed at OpenStack newbies and semi-technical that just want to know what the hell is OpenStack all about. Starting with a brief introduction to the problems OpenStack was designed to solve, we’ll dive into vivid illustrations of how various components of OpenStack fit together by visually traversing the request flow of provisioning a VM in NOVA and storing an object in Swift. Participants will work in groups to complete exercises and checkpoint each other’s understanding of the material. We’ll close the session with a brief gloss over key lessons from real life deployments, HA deployment options and feature comparison with VMware and CloudStack. Presented by Kirill Ishanov

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