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Lens, the Kubernetes IDE, Grows 500% in 2020

May 18, 2021

By Guillaume Vives

Mirantis Lens users grew by 500% and stargazers on GitHub by 100%

CAMPBELL, Calif.,May 18, 2021Following the acquisition ofLens– the Kubernetes IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in August 2020,Mirantis, the open cloud company, saw exponential growth of the project in fiscal year 2020 (ending March 31) the company announced today.

Lens was released as an open source project in March 2020. That summer, Mirantis acquired the technology with a growing community of 35,000 users and 7,000 stargazers on GitHub, and as one of the top trending open source projects in the cloud-native ecosystem. Today, Lens has more than 180,000 users, a growth of 500%, and more than 14,000 stargazers on GitHub.

“Lens is quickly becoming the de facto Kubernetes integrated development environment (IDE), reducing complexity, and increasing visibility and collaboration,” said Miska Kaipiainen, VP Engineering, Strategy & Open Source Software at Mirantis. “Lens makes developers more productive, bringing entire cloud-native technology stacks together.”

Lens eliminates the Kubernetes complexity that has hindered mainstream developer adoption since its inception. Lens unlocks situational awareness and enables users to easily manage, develop, debug, monitor, and troubleshoot their workloads across multiple clusters in real time. It supports any certified Kubernetes distribution on any infrastructure, providing freedom of choice for hundreds of enterprises around the world. Lens is a standalone desktop application and works with MacOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Mirantis recentlyannouncedLens 5, which introduced Lens Spaces — a centralized cloud-based service integrated with Lens IDE — that lets teams create collaborative spaces for their cloud-native development needs.

In 2020, Mirantis was recognized as aTop New Developer Tool of 2020by StackShare.io and was a finalist for 2020Global Mobile Awardfor Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets.

About Lens

Lensprovides full situational awareness for everything that runs in Kubernetes, lowering the barrier to entry for developers just getting started — and radically improving productivity for developers with more experience.

The Lens open source project is backed by a number of Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem pioneers. It is 100% open source and free of charge for any purpose. With more than 3.5 million downloads, more than 175,000 users, and 14,000 stars on GitHub, it’s the most popular IDE for Kubernetes.

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About Mirantis

Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster on public and private clouds. The company provides a public cloud experience on any infrastructure from the data center to the edge. With Lens and the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform, Mirantis empowers a new breed of Kubernetes developers by removing infrastructure and operations complexity and providing one cohesive cloud experience for complete app and devops portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management with continuous updates.

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Adobe, DocuSign, Liberty Mutual, PayPal, Reliance Jio, Splunk, and STC. Learn more at www.mirantis.com.