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Mirantis Partners with Kong for Destination: Decentralization Virtual Event

April 08, 2020

By Dave Van Everen

Mirantis will discuss the road to cloud-native and ways to secure decentralized applications

April 8, 2020, Campbell, CA —Mirantis, the open cloud company, today announced that it is partnering with Kong for the company’s Destination: Decentralization virtual event. Other partners for the event include Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), AWS, and DataDog. Mirantis will give two talks at the event about the road to cloud-native applications and ways platforms can help secure decentralized applications.

Destination: Decentralization, to be held on April 16th, is a free digital event about decentralizing software architectures in light of the rapid adoption of containers and microservices. The event will host virtual lectures and hands-on labs where attendees will learn how to adapt to this new technological landscape. Mirantis is also geared up to give two presentations at the event:

Two ways platforms can help decentralize applications (and cloud) while still controlling what matters most

Bryan Langston, Director of Architecture, will talk about trusted container registry best practices and Docker Enterprise’s experimental implementation of the NIST OSCAL security standard.

The long road to cloud-native applications: Inter-service communications, application architectures, and platform deployment patterns

Bruce Mathews, Sr. Solutions Architect, will cover the fundamentals of microservices architecture, inter-service communications from the Ops and Developer perspectives, and key design patterns for making service-mesh coordinated apps more operations-friendly.

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