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Try Mirantis Secure Registry for Free


Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) is an enterprise-grade private hub for container images that can provide the core of an effective secure software supply chain. Evaluate Mirantis Secure Registry for free, using a Helm chart for easy installation onto a Kubernetes worker node (that you supply).

  • Secure your images using any Kubernetes — Mirantis Secure Registry runs alongside your other apps in any standard Kubernetes 1.21 and above distribution and is deployed as a Helm chart.

  • Automated security for cloud native environments — Secure artifacts with policies and role-based access control to ensure your container images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities.

  • Promote and distribute your images to where you need them — Automatically promote images from testing to production in a controlled way, ensuring that they meet the security minimums that you define, then mirror containerized content to distributed teams with policy-based controls.

  • Automate your development-to-production pipeline — Integrate Mirantis Secure Registry to your development pipeline with webhooks. Policy-based promotion automates compliance checks to secure your application supply chain.

Our free trial lets you install a MSR evaluation instance onto a Linux/AMD64 worker node running Kubernetes.

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