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Who is the Buyer?

The buyer is looking for Elastic Scale at Speed

A VP of Platform Engineering, or DevOps Manager who has existing on premises work loads. They have run out of capacity, need to refresh existing infrastructure, or create elastic scale out. They don’t want to wait to acquire and configure hardware, nor pay a large upfront capex cost for the hardware, or for a team to support it. They also want a turn key solution to move quickly. They don’t want to port/test their platform or learn what is needed to work with Equinix. They simply want a kubernetes dial tone. With Container Cloud on Equinix Metal this buyer can have a fully working, 200 node k8s cluster on BM, in as little as a couple hours. With no significant investment up front, with a usage/opex based model. Their workloads should be highly compatible and generally portable to our platform, with near instant utility and value.

A Platform Architect who wants bare metal machines (traditionally more expensive in Cloud) for performance and/or security (not multi-tenant). Someone who values control and latency, and wants to place their workloads as close as possible to their customers/use-case with 18 global metros to choose from.

A CIO looking to make their strategic infrastructure more cost effective; maintain portability and improve latency resulting in better customer experience.

An existing Mirantis or Equinix customer is a strong indicator of potential users of MCC on Equinix.

What are they buying?

Container Cloud on Equinix Metal is an enterprise-scalable, high performance multi cluster hybrid cloud management solution providing automated upgrades, full stack lifecycle management, Logging Monitoring and Alerting, and the industry’s most comprehensive security all from a single pane of glass giving a consistent user experience.

Public cloud alternative

  • Dedicated bare metal servers with integrated cloud platform software

  • Enhanced security

  • Low Latency Data Center network interconnect options

  • Compelling lower cost

Access a monthly-based consumption model for private, dedicated infrastructure (Opex vs Capex)

  • Build private cloud infrastructure without needing to purchase hardware

  • Straight-forward tiered pricing for pre-configured bundles

  • Low Latency Data Center network interconnect options

Reduce friction to setting up a private cloud infrastructure (fully operated)

Build private cloud infrastructure without needing to purchase hardware

Access Equinix interconnection ecosystems and including public clouds

Deploy globally across 18+ metro areas

Guaranteed outcomes with full stack support through Opscare and OpsCare Express



Why us vs. everyone else on Equinix

Looking for an end to end turn-key service including both the infrastructure and container platform (industry leading SLAs with guaranteed outcomes, full stack support, managed service option)

Looking for enhanced security options (FIPS140-2, OSCAL, STIG)

Want to use a platform based on open source software

Don’t want to be locked in, or lose flexibility/choice with proprietary interfaces or APIs