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Fostering creativity and autonomy within product engineering teams

Hack Week has become the DNA of engineering here at Mirantis, providing a fun way to stimulate innovation and implement a proactive culture of risk-taking and collective excellence. Held twice a year, Mirantis Hack Weeks enable anyone in our product team to set aside a full week to work on a project they’re personally interested in. One of the biggest goals of Hack Week is to help make working at Mirantis more meaningful and enjoyable for our engineering staff.

“I have truly enjoyed Hack Week as it’s a great time to innovate, try something new, and simply have fun. Hack Week not only helps me stay motivated; even more, it refreshes, inspires, and brings more joy to my work.”

Dmytro Zharkov
Sr. Frontend Developer

“As PTL, most of my work is focused on organizational stuff — project planning, reviewing the backlog, etc. Using Hack Week as a platform where I can use my full-stack skills, from designing to presenting the idea, makes me happy. It extends my current responsibilities and lets me switch focus from regular tasks to something new.”

Peter Razumovsky
Manager, Storage product team

Making a difference in Mirantis products and OSS

Several Hack Week projects have evolved into fantastic features across our different enterprise products and open source projects. Noteworthy examples include:


Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Mirantis Container Cloud

  • Containerized load-balancer services — Removes dependency on system packages and gives the ability to use any version of required services deployed in a container

Mirantis Hack Week – February 2022

The themes for this Hack Week were: product coherence (building a unifying ecosystem); innovation and excellence; and developer centricity. There were 32 participants, spanning seven countries in North America, Europe and Asia, with the highest number coming from Canada (28% of all participants). In total, 23 projects were submitted.

Here is a list of award winners, chosen by votes from both a cross-departmental panel of judges and all Mirantis Hack Week participants from this round.

Rank Winners Project Demo Video
1 Alexei Andreev, Dmytro Zharkov Lens IDE extensions directory / marketplace WATCH VIDEO
2 Dmitry Povolotskiy, Peter Razumovsky Mirantis Container Cloud error state collector WATCH VIDEO
2 Lauri Nevala Lens extension to manage docker containers WATCH VIDEO
3 Panu Horsmalahti AWS extension to Lens WATCH VIDEO
3 Konstantin Yevchuk, Aida Gasanova Mirantis Secure Registry support console WATCH VIDEO
3 Olga Gusarenko, Olena Logvinova Documentation templates WATCH VIDEO

Breakdown by Team

During this Hack Week, winners came from 3 of the 4 product teams that participated.

Breakdown of Hack Week Participants by Team


Breakdown of Winning Submissions by Team


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