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Mirantis Enterprise
Support for Kubernetes

Supported Configurations and Service Level Agreements

Self-Validation of Your Kubernetes Environment

In order to qualify for a Mirantis Enterprise Support for Kubernetes, your Kubernetes environment must be self-verified as conformant and operational viaSonobuoyautomated testing and a detailed export of the test results as describedhere. Additional verification may be done by Mirantis when onboarding your environment for enterprise support; e.g., to validate that the environment is a Supported Configuration and that Kubernetes is deployed in a fully-functional High Availability configuration.


Supported Configurations

The below components are currently supported in any combination with each other*:

Infrastructure Host OS / Version K8s Version CRI / Version CNI / Version Support Start Date Support End Date
Bare Metal, OpenStack, AWS, GCP Ubuntu 16.0.4, 18.04 1.13, 1.14 Containerd 1.1.6, 1.2.4 Docker 18.06.2 Calico 3.5+ May 21, 2019 May 21, 2021

*Supported Configurations subject to change at any time.

Service Level Agreements for Support Response Times*

8×5 24×7
Intended for non-production dev/test clusters Intended for production clusters
Response Times: Sev 1: 4 Business Hours Sev 2: 8 Business Hours Sev 3: 24 Business Hours Sev 4: 48 Business Hours 3 Designated Contacts Response Times: Sev 1: 1 Hour Sev 2: 2 Hours Sev 3: 4 Hours Sev 4: 8 Hours 10 Designated Contacts
Support hours are 9am to 5pm in the time zone in which the Kubernetes control plane is installed or the primary location of usage if installed in multiple time zones

*For details, please review.