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Mirantis, Google and Intel are collaborating to evolve the architecture of the leading purpose-built lifecycle management tool for OpenStack, Fuel, and related OpenStack projects, to enable the use of Kubernetes as their underlying orchestration engine. Their goal is to turn OpenStack into a true microservice application, bridging the gap between legacy infrastructure software and the next generation of application development.

The companies will work with the OpenStack community to package OpenStack into Docker containers to be managed by Kubernetes. The resulting software will give users fine-grained control over the placement of services used for the OpenStack control plane and the ability to do rolling updates of OpenStack, make the OpenStack control plane self-healing and more resilient, and smooth the path for the creating of microservices-based applications on OpenStack.

To further support Kubernetes on OpenStack, Mirantis will become an active contributor to the Kubernetes project, aiming to become a top contributor over the next year.

Mirantis will also collaborate with Google to validate and simplify deployment of integrations between OpenStack and Google cloud services, such as Google Cloud Storage.